Baalke Ball

This year’s NFL Draft had multiple intriguing storylines. The first round slide of Johnny Football, the selection of the first openly gay player, Michael Sam, and the introduction of Baalke Ball. Ok, I made the last one up, but it’s something worth examining. Overall, the San Francisco 49ers had a successful draft. They entered with […]

May 2014 by Andy Parker

49ers Start With 11, Use A Total of 12 Draft Picks

The San Francisco 49ers entered the 2014 NFL draft with a total of 11 picks. Many 49er writers and analysts expected the 49ers to trade most of those picks. After all, what good would it do to bring in 11 new players if there technically isn’t any room for them? That would be a waste. […]

May 2014 by sportshead

With the 30th Pick

in the 2014 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select……. I have absolutely no idea.  History and those with the ability to voice an opinion claim the 49ers will trade up.   Those same people recite wide receiver and cornerback as the areas of the highest probability of being General Manager, Trent Baalke’s, first pick.  Myself, […]

May 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

Building Through the Draft

I want to take you all back to a very dark time. The lean years. The down years. The “things can’t possibly get any worse” years. The Nolan and Singletary years. If there was any positive to take away from that forgettable era in San Francisco 49ers history, it was the draft picks. Starting in 2005, when Mike Nolan […]

May 2014 by Andy Parker

Defense Wins Championships, But …

We often hear that defense wins championships and for the most part I would completely agree. There’s something about being able to control what the other teams offense is able to do and how mentally that can affect the other team into playing poorly on offense. I get that. But I’m talking about my San […]

April 2014 by sportshead

No News Is Good News?

The San Francisco 49ers still haven’t made that splash move or deal this off-season that fans have been wanting and expecting. Quarterback Colt McCoy is leaving for the Washington Redskins, but wide receiver Kassim Osgood and cornerback Perrish Cox are staying in San Francisco. I doubt we will hear any more substantial news in the […]

April 2014 by sportshead

Do The 49ers Have A Chance Of Landing Desean Jackson?

After a week of making moves there hasn’t been much activity from the 49ers front office this week. Hints of a Colin Kaepernick contract extension say a deal may be struck after June 1st. In the meantime there has been brief speculation that Desean Jackson’s explosive speed may be coming to Levi’s Stadium this year, […]

March 2014 by sportshead