Train(er) Camp

It’s not supposed to be this way. The term training camp is intended for those 90+ athletes pursuing a career within the NFL.  For the San Francisco 49ers team as a whole, the trainers have gotten plenty of training themselves. For a team with their eye on another Lombardi Trophy, 49ers have taken a couple […]

July 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

The Dreaded “What If” Scenario

Football followers and pundits alike speak candidly about Trent Baalke’s recently implemented draft strategy.  More often than not, his strategy is raved about.   Drafting  talented, collegiate players that are overcoming injuries seems to be a great way to balance a stacked roster.   It allows the San Francisco 49ers front office to analyze the salary cap […]

June 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

It’s “Forty-Niner” Frank Gore

Joe Montana didn’t do it.  Jerry Rice didn’t either.  Neither did Ronnie Lott, or Roger Craig, or even Tom Rathman.   Even the greatest of the great San Francisc0 49ers players don’t always finish their careers where we think they should.  It’s a pattern that historically, isn’t all that uncommon. As another great enters the final […]

May 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

Building Through the Draft

I want to take you all back to a very dark time. The lean years. The down years. The “things can’t possibly get any worse” years. The Nolan and Singletary years. If there was any positive to take away from that forgettable era in San Francisco 49ers history, it was the draft picks. Starting in 2005, when Mike Nolan […]

May 2014 by Andy Parker

It Starts With the Backfield

I don’t think people realize how good the San Francisco 49ers backfield is. Seriously. They get none of the love in the media, despite the rushing attack being the most vocal part of the offense. Sure, I love watching Colin Kaepernick run-and-gun, but if the Niners are going to make a real push in the Quest […]

April 2014 by Andy Parker

No News Is Good News?

The San Francisco 49ers still haven’t made that splash move or deal this off-season that fans have been wanting and expecting. Quarterback Colt McCoy is leaving for the Washington Redskins, but wide receiver Kassim Osgood and cornerback Perrish Cox are staying in San Francisco. I doubt we will hear any more substantial news in the […]

April 2014 by sportshead

49ers in Free Agency: Anthony Dixon

Statistics can tell a story that will paint a broad picture.  They’ll open up a debate about the greatest statistical players of all time.  Who’s the better quarterback based off of those stats, Dan Marino or Peyton Manning?  Those very same passing yards, rushing yards, tackles and interceptions help set the Pro Bowl every year.  […]

January 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

It’s Time for the Offense to Get Rolling

Four of the first five opponents for the San Francisco 49ers in the 2013 season were playoff teams from a year ago.  With that in mind, the 49ers seemed to take an NCAA March Madness approach during this stretch.  They were looking to survive and advance.  Coming out of that stretch at 3-2 doesn’t seem […]

October 2013 by Jeff Vandersnick