Amid drama, 49ers beat Chiefs, 22-17

This week brought out some of the worst parts I’ve seen from the franchise and fan base. Gone are the times of honest discourse regarding the team. Now fans lash out at media members for doing simply their job; stating an opinion. Folks, you don’t have to agree with them, let alone listen. It seems […]

October 2014 by Andy Parker

5 Must Watch Games

The San Francisco 49ers have the fourth toughest schedule in the NFL this season, befitting of a team that has been to three consecutive NFC Championship games. With the schedule just released last week, here’s a look at the five biggest games for the Niners this season. 1) 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks, November 27, 2014, […]

May 2014 by Andy Parker

Too Early to Tell

While Cleveland Browns¬†and San Francisco 49ers¬†blogs were exploding with Jim Harbaugh rumors earlier this week, it reminded me of a similarly ridiculous debate waged by Niner Faithful all throughout the regular season, and even in my own home. Should the 49ers have stuck with Alex Smith, or were they right in choosing Colin Kaepernick? Let’s […]

March 2014 by Andy Parker