Kaepernick’s Mystique

For every point there’s a counter point.  It’s the basis for setting up debate.  If performed properly, debate is healthy and can lead to new points of view for those that participate.  There can be an opportunity to learn and grow with additional ideas and information.  Unfortunately, debate can also bring out a blatant nastiness […]

September 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

3rd & 3

Candlestick Park saw its final game this past weekend, an exhibition flag football contest between San Francisco 49ers legends and other NFL greats, but three plays, known simply by one name, will live on forever. The Catch, volumes 1-3, all lifted the Faithful, a city, a team and will live on in football lore. And, despite their […]

July 2014 by Andy Parker

Rules for the 49ers Bandwagon

It’s a hot topic when sports franchises find success.  Accusations and finger pointing fly faster and longer than the hang time on an Andy Lee punt. How long have you been a fan, and how can you prove it? Which is then followed by who has a been a fan longer.  Leading to, who has […]

July 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

Make it Stop

Is this what comes with success?  Have we not learned from our past…..distant and not so distant? You all know what I’m talking about.  You have to know.  That feeling waking up as fans of the San Francisco 49ers wondering where your next whining, persnickety story is going to come from. I have to plead […]

March 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick