Fan’s Perspective: 49ers Hire Jim Tomsula

He told us so.  So, I’ll do it.  We were all to hold Jed York accountable for seasons that don’t result in Super Bowls.  In theory, it should be relatively easy.   Winning the big one isn’t any easy accomplishment on a year in and year out basis.  Simple mathematics can profess that.  But how exactly […]

January 2015 by Jeff Vandersnick

For Better or Worse, Time to Move On

Sleep evaded me last night.  My family’s health is in good standing.  Financially, we’re above water…..barely.  Overall, things in my live are at a a stable place.  But, I tossed.  I turned.  There was little rest to be found.  For the life of me, I couldn’t pin point why.  Then, it dawned on me.  It […]

December 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

A Season of Lows: TITIK

It wasn’t all that long ago. I understand that.  But I hold the 2011 season vividly in my mind.  I went through that whole season on pins and needles waiting for the collapse.  From a fan’s perspective, I waited.  I waited and waited some more.  There was a level of certainty within me that knew […]

December 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

Harbaugh’s Our Coach Too

If he goes, it’ll be a damn shame. Occupations are filled will tumultuous relationships.  It’s commonplace to have a certain level of disdain for those you work for or with.  Jumble up a group of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, and ideas, and people aren’t always going to get along.  But, there’s something more than […]

December 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

Hoping Harbaugh’s Stay is Lenghty

There’s a rarity within the NFL coaching ranks where a head coach is associated with one team.  It’s such a fast paced occupation with a high turnover rate.   But if an organization can nab that ONE leader that’s a game changer, you hold on to him. The news of the San Francisco 49ers and Jim […]

August 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

49ers Decline…..Not Going to Happen

I do not have a subscription to read the “INsider” section of ESPN’s website.  I don’t even know what the subscription is priced out at, but I know what’s it’s worth. Essentially nothing.  That content holds no more relevance than any other article on the internet, in my humble opinion. That’s never stopped me from […]

July 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick