A Season of Lows: TITIK

It wasn’t all that long ago. I understand that.  But I hold the 2011 season vividly in my mind.  I went through that whole season on pins and needles waiting for the collapse.  From a fan’s perspective, I waited.  I waited and waited some more.  There was a level of certainty within me that knew […]

December 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

Denver Debacle: Things I Think I Know

Well, if you waited all day for a Sunday night in week 7 of the NFL, you wasted your time.  The San Francisc0 49ers were depleted and then defeated handedly by the Denver Broncos.  As painful as it is right now, let’s recap some things I think I know. It was a clear case of […]

October 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

Cowboys Capitulation: Things I Think I Know

The result of Sunday’s Fox Game of the Week was an unexpected result for some prognosticators across the country.  For others, it was the result we expected.  Jim Harbaugh and the Machine pushed forward with business as usual.  So, let’s do the same and cover some things (I think) I know. The Preseason….what’s that? It […]

September 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

49ers Have 17 DB’s On OTA Roster

The 49ers have a total of 17 defensive backs on the roster at this moment, that’s counting the corner and safety position and all rookies drafted. The 49ers currently list only one of those 17 as a “free safety”, 3 of those 17 as “strong safeties”, 3 are listed as “cornerback” and the 10 remaining […]

May 2014 by sportshead

Winning Shows No Bounds

Morality is a difficult topic to define.  I consider myself someone with relatively high moral values.  I try to do things the right way.  Whether or not I was raised that way or placed within a proper environment, I have no clue.  I’m certainly not qualified to psychoanalyze anyone, let alone myself.

April 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

Time To Go, Aldon

Enough is enough. I know I’m not the only one who is sick of this. A DUI, gun charges, and saying he has a bomb, the one word you should never say in an airport, at LAX. Now, reports are surfacing that he was red-flagged as a high risk player before being drafted and Tim Kawakami is […]

April 2014 by Andy Parker

When Things Go Bad In Gold Country

A year ago the San Francisco 49ers came one play short of winning Super Bowl 47 against the Baltimore Ravens. This year the 49ers again came one play short of returning to the Super Bowl when they lost the NFC Championship Game to the Seattle Seahawks. Lets be honest, this hasn’t been the best off-season […]

April 2014 by sportshead

Making News for the Wrong Reasons

Out of touch……maybe.   Lacking perspective…..quite possibly.  Inability to fully rationalize…I suppose it’s possible.  It’s very possible that as someone that’s “just a fan,” I just do not get it. The life of an NFL football player is one that I’ll never fully understand.   I don’t know what it takes to maintain a career in the […]

April 2014 by Jeff Vandersnick

49ers to Release Carlos Rogers

The San Francisco 49ers made their second big move of free agency parting ways with cornerback Carlos Rogers. Despite signing a four-year extension in 2012, Rogers release opens up about $5.1 million in cap space. However, with Tarell Brown set to hit the free agent market this afternoon, the Niners could be on the verge of […]

March 2014 by Andy Parker

Looking Ahead: Where to Improve in 2014

After a heartbreaking loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship, the San Francisco 49ers Quest for Six was put on hiatus. However, the 49er Faithful have a lot to look forward to next season, and that goes beyond the new stadium in Santa Clara. Signing certain unrestricted free agents is critical. Anquan Boldin, […]

January 2014 by Andy Parker