Fan’s Perspective: 49ers Hire Jim Tomsula

He told us so.  So, I’ll do it.  We were all to hold Jed York accountable for seasons that don’t result in Super Bowls.  In theory, it should be relatively easy.   Winning the big one isn’t any easy accomplishment on a year in and year out basis.  Simple mathematics can profess that.  But how exactly does a fan base that terms themselves “The Faithful”  hold the CEO of their team accountable?  We can debate that particular topic later.  For now, let’s take a look at the 19th head coach in San Francisco 49ers history.

Jed York and Trent Baalke made the impression that they exhausted every angle.  Approaching a three week time period, the 49ers front office interviewed a known eight candidates.  As far as I know and have read up on, the 49ers never even formally interviewed Jim Tomsula for the job.  Of course, that doesn’t mean one didn’t happen.  And if one gets down to the nitty, gritty of it all, they didn’t really have to.  Tomsula has been with the 49ers organization since 2007.  They know what this Jim is about.

Jim Tomsula’s a character.  That’s undeniable.   He’s full of a zest for this game of football that isn’t often paralleled in the coaching profession.  His hiring set off a combustion of reaction among 49ers fans on social media.  The overwhelming reaction was shock, some rage, and disappointment.  I can understand that.  The 49ers traded in one Jim for another.  And on paper and perception, it certainly doesn’t look like a trade up in any way, shape, or form.  Really though, how could it be?   There were clearly no available candidates out there that were an upgrade from Jim Harbaugh.  Bluntly put, the firing was petulant and idiotic.  The recent hiring process was somewhat laughable too.   The only reasonable reason for all of these multiple interviews were that they acted as a recognisance mission.  York and Baalke were out gathering intel on the perception of the 49ers.  How do you defend the 49ers?  What’s your feeling about the offensive and defensive strengths?  What are Kaepernicks flaws?  Etc.  All in all, Jim Tomsula was the hiring for the 49ers front office from the get go.   But, I deplore you this…….let’s give him his chance.

Jim Tomsula knows this roster.  He seems to have a certain level of respect from the players as well. He has the opportunity to put together a successful staff.  And he’s a tireless worker.  Tomsula presents himself as a man that will work his rear end of to be successful.  How can you not support a guy like that?

Jim Tomsula is the man right now.  Accept it, and get on board.  It’ll be an interesting ride to say the least.   But, if that road gets rocky, and this new 49ers staff happens to derail.  You all know what to do.  Hold Jed York accountable.




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