It’s Vic Fangio or Bust

1946.  That was the founding year of the San Francisc0 49ers.  Yes, the 49ers played football games before Joe Montana arrived on the scene.  But, as it so happens, my allegiance to the red and gold started amidst the prime of Joe Montana.

In the wake of the 2014 season, I’ve took it upon myself to review the 30 years that I’ve been a fan of the 49ers. Without going through a full synopsis of those years, let me skip straight to the conclusion.

Painfully, the 2014 season was the worst season of my life time.

I understand.   I just may be taking this a little too far for some.  Dennis Erickson did once coach this team.  In one Erickson led the season, the 49ers finished the season 2-14.  The offensive statistical leaders that year held the names Tim Rattay, Kevan Barlow, and Eric Johnson.  It was bad.

But I’m pissed.  Still.  I’m bitter too.  Extremely bitter.  The passive partners, Jed York and Trent Baalke, have done us wrong.  At least, that’s how I feel.  They lied to me, deliberately deceived me, and they’ll never “truthfully” tell me why.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’ll always be forever Faithful.  It’s just in my nature, and I roll with the 49ers win or lose.  Front office politics won’t get in the way of that.  But when the head of my franchise acts, for lack of a better term, like a complete prick we’ve got a problem.  His arrogance has exuded across those same Faithful, and it has inserted a divide amongst us.

There’s only one way for York and his crony, Trent Baalke, to rectify this current situation.  They need to hire a grand slam head coach.  In doing so, there’s one significant problem for them.  There aren’t any.  Rex Ryan’s a Bill now.  That’s fine.  He wasn’t the answer anyway.  Neither is Josh McDaniels or Todd Bowles.  Teryl Austin doesn’t qualify either.  Cross “teachers” Mike and Kyle Shanahan off that list as well.  Adam Gase doesn’t cut it either.

Herein lies the problem.  You don’t hire prime rib (Jim Harbaugh) in 2011 and replace him with haggis in 2015.  It’s a discredit to the organization that you proclaim to run, and more importantly to me, it’s a discredit to the loyal fans.

So how does Jed York save any amount of face here?  He hires Vic Fangio.  He quits prolonging this process with interview after tireless interview and hires the one man that continues with continuity within this roster.   Solidify the strength of the team, the defense, and put the onus on Trent Baalke to put together a well balanced, youthful receiving corps.  Sure, as far as the roster goes, there’s another tweak or two here or there, but it’s simple.  It’s not overly analyzed.  And it will work.  It makes sense to hold Baalke accountable now.  He is the one man York has professed his allegiance to.

Vic Fangio talks with the kind of gusto that makes you Faithfully believe in him.   He analyzed and executed an adapting defensive scheme in 2014 with a massively depleted roster.  That does nothing but lead me to believe that Fangio can put together a staff that can right this ship next season.  He’s direct and borderline brash.  He commands the respect of his players and those around him.  There’s just a tough persona around Fangio.  That makes me timid.  Will the York/Baalke duo hire a man that has a solid backbone?

Only time will tell.  But, I for one am sick of waiting.

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