Save the Drama:TITIK

Mercy, it’s been a long season.  It’s been painful.  It’s been exhausting.  It’s been unlike anything that I can remember. And that’s just from a fan’s perspective.  I can’t even imagine what it’s been like for those involved directly with the team.  Let’s take another look at some things I think I know.

The Drama

If you think you’ve experienced anything yet with “reported” facts and hearsay, you’re wrong.  With two games to go and the offseason upon the San Francisco 49ers, the rumor mill is going to be in full swing quick.

The Jim Harbaugh story line is an old one.  We all have to wish it wasn’t there.   I have to believe that a high majority of the 49ers Faithful want Harbaugh back for years to come.  With a situation laid out as it has been this entire season, that’s just not going to happen.  If Harbaugh comes back to finish his contract, which I believe he won’t, it’ll be his last season with the 49ers.  There are far too many underlying issues, that we the fans are only getting half-truths on.  It’s going to be divorce between coach and franchise that isn’t unknown in the NFL, but nonetheless disappointing.

Frank Gore

As much as the Jim Harbaugh situation makes me angry and sad, Frank Gore’s future puts me on the border of depression.   Frank Gore is the epitome of a San Francisc0 49er.  His greatness is up there with the greats for one of the greatest franchises in the history of the NFL.

Watching his body go listless while blocking for Bruce Miller on a swing pass, made my heart sink.  A true 49er doesn’t deserve to go out like that.  Unfortunately, the fans aren’t the ones who get decide how things play out.  Without knowing what Gore’s future holds next week is unsettling enough,  but where will Gore be in 2015?  Nobody knows.


This team is decimated with injuries.  Duh, right?  I commented yesterday during the game that the 49ers were finishing yesterday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks with a JV roster.  Gore was out.  Carlos Hyde went down.  Chris Borland exited.  Garrett Celek bowed out.  Ahmad Brooks missed the second half.  Add all of these injuries to 13 members already on IR, various other Niners also injured, and the end result is an astronomical number.   A standard, good team can be only so deep and maintain success in this league.   The additional disarray added to the mix has made the 2014 season too much to overcome.

Vernon Davis

Is it an injury?  It is a disgruntled player?  I have no clue.  The only certainty that I can speak of is that Vernon Davis has become the invisible man.  His blocking is now atrocious.  He’s creating no more separation running his routes.  To me, it appears his effort is far less than acceptable.  For a man that was once benched by Mike Singletary for an insubordinate effort, it looks as if Davis has reverted back to his old ways.  The only think that could explain Vernon Davis and his effort is full disclosure, and that I don’t know if you’ll find a true explanation from a man with an interest in politics.  Step up Vernon.   What’s going on?

There are still 2 games left.

No, there’s not much left to play for.  But that certainly won’t stop me from watching the final two games of the 2014 season.  I’ve never stopped supporting the 49ers, and there’s no reason whatsoever to start now.  Yes, it’s been a tiring season from a fan’s perspective.  But in this league, there’s nothing that is ever guaranteed.  We watch and support the product that’s put out there for us.  Some years that product is better than others.

Let me finish with my own PSA.  Drop any talk of tanking for draft position.  I don’t give 2 cents about having the 11th pick over the 19th overall pick.  You shouldn’t either.  Let’s win 2 more games damn it!  Life is so much better when the Niners are winning.

“I want winners.  I want people who want to win.”  Damn straight Mike.  Damn straight!

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