At an Impasse: Things I Think I Know

As fans we’re invested.  If you’re like me, you’ve dedicated a large portion of your life to the San Francisco 49ers game day.  We put ourselves within situations and scenarios that give us the power to think we are Trent Baalke or Jim Harbaugh.  It’s not an uncommon practice.  Some verbalize their theories, valid or not, in unfortunate manners.  Without a deep understanding of the complexities of the game, we want the whole staff fired in one fell swoop.  Loses bring forth a greater opportunity for irrational thought.  When the loss comes at the hands of a hated rival, like the Seattle Seahawks, things are magnified.  The way in which the Thanksgiving matchup went down on behalf of the 49ers was, well let’s just say, disheartening.

We want change.  We demand change!  Damn it, the 49ers are far too talented with a man like Jim Harbaugh at the helm to be struggling so mightily.   But, in reality, is it all really justified?

I’m not Nostradamus.  Never will I proclaim to be.  But, I’ve sat on this most recent loss against the Seahawks with as much rational as I could muster.  So, let’s cover some things that I think I know.

Colin Kaepernick has hit a brick wall.

His name alone will spark debate for hours on end by proclaimed members of the 49ers Empire.  Is he, or is he not the answer?  The only clear thing that I can tell you is this: he needs help.  Whatever the intention of every mind on offense is…….it’s not working.  That’s clear as crystal.  Kap’s development has stalled.  His numbers may slightly suggest otherwise.  But the points on the board from week to week would disagree.

Jim Harbaugh has been proclaimed a quarterback guru.  He’s waved his qb wand and created success in those that most never thought would happen.  Look no further than Alex Smith as proof of that.  But Kaepernick and Harbaugh are now deep into their 4th year as co-workers, and that wand is losing it’s magic.  His plan for Kaepernick needs altered.  To throw Kaepernick into an offensive scheme reliant on drop back passing is a grievous mistake.  At this point in his career, he just can’t do that week in and week out with successful regularity.  The offense needs adapted to the unique abilities of Colin Kaepernick.  It used to be that way.  Right now, it’s not.  Help Colin Kaepernick succeed again before it’s too late.  That persistent deer in the headlight look can lead to a streamrolling effect of very bad things.  Just ask RGIII.

I tread lightly with remarks on Jonathan Martin.

Look, I understand the plight of Jonathan Martin.  I believe in second chances.  I’m glad he got one.  It would be even better if it came for anybody but the 49ers.  Martin struggles in run blocking.  He struggles in pass protection.  Martin consistently provides a seamless path for defenders to find the ball carrier.  Yet, due to the injuries of Anthony Davis he’s had 7 starts along the offensive line this season.

His playing time needs to drastically reduce.  I’d never suggest forcing anyone onto the field that is injured.  But shuffle this lineup and get someone else on the field.   Do it for Colin Kaepernick before it’s too late.

Always look forward to game day.

As fans, take the good with the bad.  Take your ribbings from the rivals.  It’s part of being one of the most historic franchises in the history of the game.  Don’t take for granted what Jim Harbaugh has provided us since his arrival.  You never know when it could be totally gone and replaced by Dennis Erickson, Mike Nolan, or Mike Singletary.

There’s no answer on offense in the 2014 season.  It’s just not going to change.  That does not mean the 49ers can’t still win ball games.  There’s still a chance in 2014.  It’s not a very big chance, but it does exist.

Truly relish what the 49ers defense has done this year.  Take pride in that.  It’s been remarkable.

Wear you’re red and gold the day after a licking.  Lord knows I do.  Open yourself up to criticism.  Give yourself a small dose of what those we cheer for go through on social media.  Granted, the dollar bills probably make it a little better for them.

And most importantly, always……ALWAYS stay Faithful.


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