Redskins Recap: Things I Think I Know

Same song, slightly different verse.  I do not know how the 49ers keep on doing it.  But, they win.  And, that’s all we, as fans, can ask for.  The San Francisc0 49ers offense won’t provide much more than that.  Let’s review with some things I think I know.

My back hurts.

At least, that’s what I’d say if I was a member of the 49ers defense.  For yet another week,  it’s been the defense that carries the 49ers offense to victory.  If consistent practice makes athletes better and better.  Then consistently writing the same thing over and over must make a low level scribe at least slightly better.

The 2014 season story has been the same for quite some time.  Score a minimal amount of points and allow the depleted defense to shoulder the load.  It’s continually remarkable for the men lining up on Vic Fangio’s defense.

There’s no magic button to fix this offense.

Even ole reliable contributed to the dreadfulness that is the 49ers offense.   Frank Gore fumbled.  Carlos Hyde fumbled.  Colin Kaepernick threw an interception.  It was yet another low in a season of lows for the 49ers offense.  Frustrating, yes.  Slightly depressing, almost.  Fixable, I have no idea.

The skilled position players have been intact all season long.  Kap’s at QB.  Gore’s been toting the rock.  And, Crabtree and Boldin have been lined up out wide.  Yet, the offense struggles and struggles mightily.  Short of Merlin the Magician waving his magic wand, I don’t know what’s going to turn this side of the ball around.

Aldon Smith

In flipping things back to the positive side, welcome back (again) Aldon Smith.  If it’s going to be up to the defense to win ball games, what better way than to make it even stronger.  In a league of stellar pass rushers, Smith stands out as the absolute best.  He added two more against RGIII and the Washington Redskins yesterday keeping his career average at nearly one a game.  His reappearance has firmly stamped the 49ers pass rush as back.  Smith’s presence increases the opportunities and abilities of guys like Aaron Lynch, Justin Smith, and Ray McDonald.   Opposing offenses have officially been warned.

Andy Lee

It’s a quirky formula, but it’s been working.  Andy Lee has been as responsible for the past two victories as has the “D.”  Lee flips the field and Fangio’s crew takes it from there.  Punters often take a verbal licking for being quasi football players.  Well, without Andy Lee performing to the best of his abilities as of late, the 49ers wouldn’t be winning games.

What, where was the outside drama?

Seriously, there wasn’t any additional tag lines this week.  I almost don’t know what to do with myself after no drama to tell my momma.  This weeks game against the Washington Redskins was all about football.  I like that concept.  Harbaugh wasn’t going anywhere new to coach this week.  No off field indiscretions were committed on behalf of the team.  Heck, there weren’t even any season ending injuries.  All of that bodes well for a short week leading into the most physical match up in the NFL.

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