Giants Rundown: Things I Think I Know

Ten games into the 2014 season, and it’s been unlike anything I’ve ever seen since I’ve been following the San Francisc0 49ers.  Pulse enhancing…’s the best way I can describe the week to week saga that is our passion.  The 49ers consistently seem to play to the level of their opponent.  In Sunday’s victory against the New York Giants, no exception was seen.  So, yet again, let’s cover some things I think I know.

It can be said enough. The Niners defense is remarkable. 

Break it down.  Analyze it.  Watch coaches film.   Any which way you dissect this defense, it’s awe inspiring.  Two annual all-pro middle linebackers are gone.  The secondary is a 3/4 complete overhaul from last season.   The interior of the defensive line has shuffled faster than a deck at the Bellagio Casino.  But, for a multitude of reasons, the 49ers defense keeps playing at the elitist of levels.  It’s awesome to watch.

Chris “Freakin” Borland

I don’t know what to say about Borland.  After Borland’s first career start against the Denver Broncos, personally, I buried the guy.  I figured him to be undersized and overmatched athletically.  Three games later and he looks like the NFL’s next perennial all-pro.  He sheds blockers, makes tackles at an alarming pace, and now, he’s shown his pass defense skills.  I never thought the 49ers could replace NaVarro Bowman and Patrick Willis in the same season.  But, Borland’s emergence has aided in that succession.

Ahmad Brooks

Even in victory, controversy follows the 2014 49ers.   Ahmad Brooks took his ball and his approximate $6 million salary and went home.  Well, he didn’t exactly go home.  But he sat his whining butt on the bench and didn’t budge.  With the return of Aldon Smith and the stellar play of Aaron Lynch, Brooks was asked to join a rotation at his position.  Apparently, he didn’t like it and boycotted the game after 12 defensive snaps.  Seriously, what a joke!  Brooks earns a pretty penny to play this game, and quite frankly, he hasn’t played very well this season.  The only true appearance Brooks has made this season came last week in a forced fumble, sack of Drew Brees to seal the game.  Beyond that, he hasn’t played well at all.  Muscle up and suck it up, Ahmad.  Get back in the game.

The 49ers offense has turned it’s potential in to utter dreadfulness.

The Niners front office gave Colin Kaepernick his robust contract.  The receiving corp brought in Stevie Johnson to add to Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis.  The O-line consists of a heap all-pros.  But, the only steadfast on this side of the ball is Frank Gore.  There’s never any guarantee that he’ll get the ball on a reliable basis.  There’s vast blame to lay here Faithful.  Yes, it goes to the quarterback, the line, and the receivers.  It most certainly is shared by the coaching staff as well.  Greg Roman has a tendency to get cute in his play calling instead of sticking with the consistent and dependable.   It’s a jumbled mess on offense.  One that this simpleton doesn’t have an answer for.   I can’t help but think Frank Gore knows exactly what to do though.  Just give him the ball and let him set everything else up.  There’s success in what’s known to be reliable.

Obviously, we’re still in this thing.

It’s been a ride of peaks and valleys.  But, the 49ers are only one game out of the playoffs right now.  And, they’re the masters of their own destiny.   What else could you ask for?   Really, not much as a professional athlete.  Six games to go for the red and gold.  Six more chances to get in the tourney and have a chance to win the whole damn thing.  No matter the shape of the offense or the awesomeness of the defense, it all rides on OUR team.  Now, that’s exciting!



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