Denver Debacle: Things I Think I Know

Well, if you waited all day for a Sunday night in week 7 of the NFL, you wasted your time.  The San Francisc0 49ers were depleted and then defeated handedly by the Denver Broncos.  As painful as it is right now, let’s recap some things I think I know.

It was a clear case of the drops.

On a night where the 49ers defense was almost nameless, it was up to the offense to carry the load.  They didn’t.  My pregame thought was that the 49ers would have to keep up with Denver’s offense in order to compete in the game.   In that aspect, I was right.  But, that left little solace on a night the Niners were embarrassed on prime time TV.  Colin Kaepernick tried to do his part, but was hindered by key drops from Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and an assured TD pass to Anquan Boldin.  As Peyton Manning and his offense rolled, the 49ers couldn’t overcome and sputtered.

The new interior linebacker duo leaves a lot to be desired.

NaVarro Bowman and Patrick Willis are the two best in the league.  The combo of Bowman and Michael Wilhoite still is fully admirable. The pair of Willis and Wilhoite plays extremely well together too.  Now, the duo of Wilhoite and Chris Borland, well, I wasn’t impressed.  Borland was pushed, shoved, and ran over.  A smaller linebacker that plays the game in a big way couldn’t stand his ground against the Denver Broncos. Michael Wilhoite was left trying to play catchup the rest of the night.  There’s no doubt about it.  This was a tough spot for Borland to be in.   He was thrown in the flux against one of the best offensive units in the NFL.  But, as it is right now, I envision him to be more of a Larry Izzo type player in the NFL.  He can fill in when need be, but he’s best suited for special teams.

Tramaine Brock isn’t quite back just yet.

Tramaine Brock was targeted six times.  He allowed  receptions on all six targets for 126 yards and 2 TDs.  Was it rust?  Was it Peyton Manning?  Or, maybe Brock just isn’t as good as his play suggested last season?  I highly doubt it’s the latter, but Brock had a terrible game back in the lineup.  Ultimately, the 49ers had no choice though.   Chris Culliver was deactivated before the game due to injury, and Chris Cook was injured early in the game.   It left the Niners with three healthy cornerbacks.   With a week of rest and the Rams up next on the docket, I fully expect Brock to get back to form.


Where do you even start?  Depth was a major point of emphasis this past off-season amongst those that talk about football for a living.  The 49ers had it.  And, they had it at multiple positions.  Well, that depth has thinned considerably due to injuries seven weeks into the season.   The 49ers had nobody left on the bench on the O-line Sunday night.  Dontae Johnson, Tramaine Brock, and Perrish Cox were the only healthy cornerbacks on the team.  Obivously, the linebacking core is thin.  Given a high quality opponent like the Broncos, the 49ers couldn’t overcome an injury riddled roster.

Thankfully, the bye week is upon us.  The 49ers have a run of games than leans to the favorable side.   Everything is still right there for the San Francisc0 49ers team.  Here’s one guy that believes a healthy team is going to be a dominant team from here on out.  So as Sunday approaches, I’ll be sporting my red and gold and cheering for full recoveries.  It all starts there.


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