Chiefs Recap: Thinks I Think I Know

Nobody is making headlines for getting in trouble with the law.  The 49ers have won back to back games.  But, Harbaugh and Co. are making news for all the wrong reasons.   Will he stay or will he go?  It seems to be the question of the season just past the quarter pole.  But on this Sunday at a hot and steamy Levi’s Stadium, the 49ers put all distractions aside and disposed of the Kansas City Chiefs.  So, onto some things I think I know.

Welcome back Phil Dawon. 

No doubt about it.  I was wrong.  I buried Phil Dawson.  He was done and finished in my eyes.   I had labeled him the second coming of David Akers.  He was going to be another old man kicking footballs that just couldn’t put it between the uprights on a consistent basis.  After a shaky preseason and a couple oddities from him earlier in the season, Phil Dawson’s leg was the deciding factor this past Sunday.

Yup, we can talk about Frank Gore one more time. 

Frank Gore, combined with a mauling offensive line, provide the most obvious path for the 49ers.  For two consecutive weeks, Gore has been the focal point for the 49ers.  For two consecutive weeks, the 49ers have come out victorious.   It seems rather simplistic, but it’s also a path Greg Roman is notorious for deviating from.  Add Carlos Hyde into the mix, and the 1-2 punch is one of the best running back combinations in the league.  It’s no new theory to state: use the run to set up the pass.  It’s a time tested formula that will work well for the 49ers for the rest of the season.

Is Michael Wilhoite going to get his due?

I don’t really know where to start with Wilhoite.  He’s been phenomenal.  Last season, he performed just as well in replacement for Patrick  Willis.   With NaVarro Bowman’s injury in last year’s NFC title game, Wilhoite was presumed to fill in this season for him.  But, the 49ers drafted Chris Borland in the 3rd round of the draft creating instant competition for the position.  Wilhoite held off Borland and even Nick Moody throughout the preseason and hasn’t looked back since.  He reads the run extremely well.  He avoids and sheds blocks effectively too.  When asked to, Wilhoite’s also effective in pass coverage.  Michael Wilhoite has been everything the 49ers could have asked for in a replacement for Bowman.  It’s time for the man from little Washburn  University to get his due.

Two giant steps back from the cliff.

It was out there.  I read it.  It can’t be denied.  The Faithful were in dire straits after two straight losses to the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals.  The sky was falling, Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, and Harbaugh had lost the locker room.  But after defeats of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chiefs, the 49ers are back above .500 and back to running the ball effectively.

Every season is a new learning experience….even as fans.  We see new and different things that we’ve never seen before.   The one certainty in every season though is that there will always be peaks and valleys.  There’s highs and lows every season.  It’s never getting too high are too low that’s the key each season.   The players on this team seem to understand this.  Even within the chaos of suspenions, coaching rumor chaos, and the rigorous beating within the game itself, the San Francisc0 49ers are back to winning games.  Just like we all like it.






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