Waiting to Click

It’s a double edged sword.   Pundits and talking heads consistently talk about the limited value provided by preseason NFL football.  It’s an evaluation period for most.  Rosters consisting of somewhere around 90 individuals will be trimmed to 63 (practice squad included) when the season starts.  For those guaranteed roster spots, it’s a time period to “warm up,” if you will, for the grind of the regular season.   The purpose is to iron out kinks and maintain health if at all possible.

If you’re the offense for the San Francisco 49ers, preseason has taken on a new meaning.  To put it bluntly, the Colin Kaepernick led offense has looked pedestrian.  A historically meaningless exhibition season has brought forth speak that includes plenty of head scratching by fans and national media alike. There’s no cohesion to the offense.  There’s no fluidity or rhythm either.  But, there’s also no win/loss record that goes along with this offensive unrest either.

So how do you evaluate something that essentially has minimal to no meaning?  I have no clue.  So, I won’t.  When the records count, we can all search for the panic button.  And, guess what?  I don’t think we’ll really need it either.  This offense will find its flow.  They’ll put points on the board, and the 49ers will win ballgames.   When the first string unit takes the field on a full time basis, the success will start to show.

I won’t negate the frustration that has come with watching the 49ers first string offense in the preseason.  In Sunday’s 21-7 victory over the San Diego Chargers the offensive line looked suspect.  Particularly, guard Mike Iupati, played an abysmal game.  He whiffed twice in pass protection and his run blocking wasn’t stellar either.  Colin Kaepernick was rushed in his progressions repeatedly and misfired on his pass attempts more than once.  Simply put, it wasn’t pretty.  But after three games into the preseason, the 49ers meaningful record still sits at 0-0.  Let’s just leave it at that.



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