49ers Fan Guide For the Preseason

It’s finally here……an actual game. Yes, I know it’s only the preseason.  But, in my mind, it counts.  In your mind, as fellow San Francisco 49ers fans, it should too.

In the honor of an actual game being played this evening against the Baltimore Ravens let’s go over a few guidelines for the beloved Faithful.

1. Watch The Game

Let’s not half ass this thing with the old cliched comment, “it’s only the preseason.”  For the most part, the same players playing the game of football tonight will be the same ones competing against the Dallas Cowboys in week 1 of the regular season.  Why not support them just the same?  It has been over six months since the last time the 49ers have been visible for the nation to see.  We’ve been deprived to0 long.

(Listening is more than acceptable too.  Ted Robinson is fantastic)

2. Get To Know The Roster

Baalke and crew brought in an abundance of draft picks and a select few free agents.  The excitement of watching the new players mix with the mainstays is intrigue enough.  There’s new names, numbers, and schemes to all take in.  Try to see if you can predict who will be the final players to make the roster.  If you can do such, consider yourself one of the select few that can predict the likes of Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke.

3. Pray

I don’t care who you pray to, just do it.   There’s no more important factor correlated with preseason football than health.  A healthy team is an effective, cohesive team.   And, the health of this team is going to lead to great things….SUPER things.

4. It’s Football

That’s all that really needs to be said.  The World Cup was a decent appetizer for the summer.  Baseball is a nice slow (yaaaawn) change of pace for a while.  NBA and NHL add a tad of interest in the offseason.  But, in this era it’s football, or it’s nothing.

5. Just Relax

Come on folks, it is only the preseason.

Enjoy tonight for what it is.  San Francisco 49ers football is back, and it should be celebrated.   We have the opportunity to watch four preseason games without the nerve wracking tension that comes with 16 regular season games plus the playoffs.  It’s the perfect way to ease ourselves, as fans, back into the swing of the NFL.

And with that being said, I can’t even begin to describe how amped I am to interact with all of you for another season.  We’re a fan base that easily extends nationwide.  Check that, we extend world wide.  It’s an awesome feeling being involved with such a knowledgeable passionate fan base.  Let’s get ready for another fantastic ride!



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