Hoping Harbaugh’s Stay is Lenghty

There’s a rarity within the NFL coaching ranks where a head coach is associated with one team.  It’s such a fast paced occupation with a high turnover rate.   But if an organization can nab that ONE leader that’s a game changer, you hold on to him.

The news of the San Francisco 49ers and Jim Harbaugh curbing contract talks till after the season resonates of confidence.   Harbaugh believes the Niners are winning the Super Bowl this season.  Of course, he believes that every year.

But, that’s why our fan base loves this guy.  Yes, he’s cocky.  Yes, he’s brash.  He’ll irritate the opposition with regularity.  Within the nuances of everything that makes Jim Harbaugh, comes winning.  And in winning, there something you don’t mess with in any formula.

That’s a tough task to not mess with as well.  We’re in the prime of social media.  Anyone with an audience can start a rumor, valid or not.   Who knows the next time Jed York will be on a plane to Miami with the intent to make Jim Harbaugh the next coach of Johnny Manziel.  Personally,  I still haven’t gotten that story figured out.  But I digress.  A man’s ego can be a sensitive thing.  There’s value in telling a man, particulary a head coach of a football team, his worth.  Verbalization only goes so far though.  At some point it needs to be shown.  In this case, Harbaugh’s financial worth is yet to be determined.

The current 49ers roster is full of talent.  Future rosters presume to be just along the same level.  Most indications report that Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers will reach an agreement at the end of season.   It’s yet another season for Harbaugh in which he believes will end hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.  I’d be inclined to concur.  But in the case that myself and Jim Harbaugh are wrong, there’s no more valuable trait for a team than continuity.  So at some point, let’s just anti up and pay the man.

He means all the difference, trust me.

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