49ers Decline…..Not Going to Happen

I do not have a subscription to read the “INsider” section of ESPN’s website.  I don’t even know what the subscription is priced out at, but I know what’s it’s worth. Essentially nothing.  That content holds no more relevance than any other article on the internet, in my humble opinion.

That’s never stopped me from perusing the headlines though.   And this past week, I got struck by one right between the eyes.  Normally, I don’t succumb so fully to such hypothetical.  I understand the idea and intent behind most preseason writing.  Well, for the most part, it applies to writing altogether.  The name of the game is to garner readers.  The website ProFootballTalk is a consistent culprit of this practice.  Write overly outlandish titles, add plenty of insinuation and innuendo within your article, and readers will follow.  It seems to work pretty well.

This particular headline I’m referring to came from ESPN though.   The (sub) title read:

Redskins could leap back into contention; 49ers might decline in 2014

As mentioned earlier, only “Insiders” can reference the article, but that’s not my point.   Besides the attention grabber being a literal farce, it wreaks of pure hypothetical.  Articles with words “could” and “might” within the title just plain tick me off.

That’s like saying, I could buy Berkshire Hathaway from Warren Buffet.  Or, Jed York might renounce his position of CEO with the San Francisco 49ers to become a sheep herder.

Without delving into the potential, or lack thereof, of the Washington Redskins under new Jay Gruden, let’s dissect the 49ers portion of this title.

The 49ers might decline this upcoming season.  Yeah, I suppose it’s possible, but even mentioning that is giving credence to such a weak title to this article.  The San Francisco 49ers “might” also win the Super Bowl this  year.  Which, as a biased, passionate fan, is the strong direction I’m leading towards.

The 2014 roster is stronger than the 2013 model, and with the exception of NaVarro Bowman, is healthier.  And with Jim Harbaugh’s strong believe in roster competition, the quartet of Michael Wilhoite, Nick Moody, Chris Borland and even Shane Skov, will fill in admirably for the superb talent of Bowman.  Obviously, injuries can occur at any time in the profession of the National Football League.  But, with training camp opening, the overall health of the team is in great position.

Cohesion amongst a coaching staff is a rarity within coaching in general.  The 49ers have it though.  Entering the fourth season of the Harbaugh tenure, the 49ers return most of their coaching staff.  Those returning include head play callers Vic Fangio and Greg Roman.  Although Roman’s return may frustrate a portion of the 49ers Faithful, it’s nothing but a good thing for Colin Kaepernick.

Ah yes, Colin Kaepernick, the man who holds the key to complete success to the 2014 season.   You can break down analysis anyway you wish.  I fully understand the added optimism regarding Kaepernick’s newly acquired off season weapons.  A healthy Michael Crabtree takes that optimism to another level.   Don’t fool yourself though.  It all revolves around Kaepernick.   His combination of present talent and potential will evolve this year to provide yet another successful season.   When he puts it all together this season with the combination of those new weapons, Colin Kaepernick will make the current trend of hybrid quarterbacks look pedestrian.

And, it’s in him, that personally, I just can not envision any decline for the 49ers this season.  It’s really just that simple.





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