Just Not Enough Money to Go Around

Pay the man!

Well, if only it was that easy.

With the infrastructure of a salary cap in the NFL, unfortunately, you can’t keep everybody.  And with Alex Boone and Vernon Davis reportedly dissatisfied with their current contracts and Colin Kaepernick receiving his lucrative deal, the San Francisco 49ers are playing yet another game of crunch the numbers.

On Alex Boone’s behalf, I get it.   He’s currently working within the confines of his rookie contract.  He’s clearly outperformed that contract, and in the midst of it, he’s gained status as one of the best guards in the NFL.  Take into count he’s drastically over sized as a guard and still excelling, Alex Boone deserves his raise.

When it comes to Vernon Davis, it’s not as clear cut.  In NFL terms, Davis has already “cashed in.”  He signed his lucrative deal in 2010 and in my opinion, he was/is paid his worth and is being paid handsomely.  With two years remaining on his contract, the 49ers trying to dole cash to everyone that deserves a raise, and the 49ers trying to maintain league dominance, Vernon Davis has made himself sparse during OTAs.  Recent reports regarding Vernon Davis suggest that he’s skipping OTAs because it’s in the best interest of his brand.   For a player that came into the league with an arrogant reputation and of course, well known for the Mike Singletary confrontation, this behavior doesn’t sit well with me.

Yes, I know as it pertains to OTAs, they’re voluntary.  But in this day and age, I think that’s more of a guideline than a rule.  And, the absence of Davis doesn’t appeared to be well received by the organization.  This whole “brand” ordeal could be smoke for displeasure with his contract.  But after signing a 6 year deal worth $42.075 million (23 million guaranteed and a 10 million signing bonus) in 2010, Vernon Davis needs to show the type of faith to the organization that it has shown to him.

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