A World Where “Maybe” Doesn’t Belong

Maybe is a powerful, yet peculiar word.  It holds as much potential as it does skepticism. 

Maybe, my memory isn’t what it used to be.  Maybe, in my young, marital career and currently fathering two toddlers, my recollection has declined.  Maybe, just maybe, I don’t have a clue what the hell I’m talking about.

But, in all my years of enjoyment following the  San Francisco 49ers, I NEVER and I mean NEVER, remember an off season like the present one.

The combination of Twitter’s popularity and an every growing presence of the media in general, my head is in a constant spin.

What’s the story of the day….no hour…no minute…no, no, no second?  What’s the next rumor?  What’s the next remote possibility?  Who does what’s his name have us drafting?

It’s a confusing world out there.  So let me break it down to you at it’s very essence.

Somewhere Patrick Willis is busting his butt right now.  He’s putting in rep after rep after rep in at the weight room.  He’s molding and pushing his heart in aerobic and anaerobic forms to maximize its potential.  He’s eating things in portions and variety that have been designed by nutritionists of the utmost level to benefit his overall health.

And guess what, his teammates are doing it too!

Then of course, there’s men like Jim Harbaugh, Trent Baalke, and the rest of the 49ers staff..  They’re putting in the miles and the hours looking at film of would be future 49ers.   Heck, they’re even flying nationwide and seeing them first hand.  They’re scheming for hours on end for additions to the upcoming season’s playbook.  They are doing everything that they perceive will give them the edge in hoisting next year’s Lombardi Trophy.

The 49ers organization is doing things within their power to take the word maybe out of the equation.  Because in their world, maybes don’t make NFL rosters.  And if by some chance they do, they don’t last long.  Because in today’s media driven world where everything is a possibility, maybes certainly don’t win NFL games.


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