Make it Stop

Is this what comes with success?  Have we not learned from our past…..distant and not so distant?

You all know what I’m talking about.  You have to know.  That feeling waking up as fans of the San Francisco 49ers wondering where your next whining, persnickety story is going to come from.

I have to plead my naivety.  Within the professional football culture, I only know one way.  I’m firmly entrenched in the 49er way.  There’s never had any desire to stalk Dallas Cowboys message boards.  I haven’t even thought about trolling Seattle Seahawks Twitter feeds.  There’s no remote thrill in that for me.

But in the here and now of March 7, 2014, we live in the off season of the persistent head scratch.  Of course, the validity of each story is obscenely debatable, but let’s recap.

* There was “potential” that Jim Harbaugh was going to be traded to the Browns for draft picks.

I’ve discussed my thoughts on this debacle.  Like I’ve said…..everyone has their own agenda.

* Lowell Cohn.

I’ve already done too much by typing his name.  If you want to read his recent trash of literary substance, go ahead.  I won’t link it, and you’ll have to do your own search if you want to find his recent slop on Colin Kaepernick.

* Colin Kaepernick’s contract negotiations recently became public.  It’s been reported that Kaepernick and his representatives are seeking around $18 million per year.

I was on Twitter when this was first reported.  In all honesty, I had to peer out the window to see if Chicken Little was running through town to warn everyone the sky was falling.   And this was backlash within our own fan base.  There were and still are numerous livid 49ers fans just at the report of the money in this negotiation.

Our very own fans have become livid with Colin Kaepernick and his representation for even asking for that figure.  They claim he hasn’t earned it, and he’s certainly not worth it.  I won’t delve into that debate.  Our own Andy Parker has already done so.   I do feel it’s important to reiterate that Kaepernick did not set the market (see here) for the salary of an NFL quarterback.  He’s simply testing his worth.

As the history of the 49ers clearly shows, the quarterback position has always been of fiery debate for those that follow the organization.   In fact, the debate started within the earliest years (yes the Niners played before 1980) of the 49ers.  There was a split between the fans whether Frankie Albert or Y.A. Tittle should be the starting quarterback during the early 1950’s.  Quarterback controversy carried over into the next decade as well.  At that time it was between Tittle and John Brodie.  Then of course there’s the legendary dispute of Steve Young and Joe Montana.  And just recently, we’ve been through the Kaepernick and Alex Smith saga.

Here we are.  The 49ers have a clear cut number one quarterback with a high skill set and endless potential, but the debate for his worth will continue.

But if you’re much more of a post Montana 49ers fan as opposed to the pre Montana years, remember a few things.  The NFL quarterback is the most important position in professional sports.  It’s overly criticized and analyzed.  It’s extremely hard.   And no matter how talented a roster a team has, I’d love to have Colin Kaepernick for the next 10 years over the likes of Steve Stenstrom, Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey, Cody Pickett, Trent Diler, Shaun Hill, Cris Weinke, J.T. O’Sullivan, Troy Smith, and yes, Alex Smith.

You do still remember those guys…….don’t ya?

We’re one month into the NFL off season, and it feels like an eternity.   I don’t have a recollection of one like this.  It’s been one far fetched, bizarre story after the other and it’s hindering what has once again become a really good thing.  That thing…..the 49ers winning of course.


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