49ers in Free Agency: Kassim Osgood

As an avid football fan, one who feels he knows a fair amount about the entire league, it was a complete head scratcher for me when the San Francisco 49ers signed Kassim Osgood before the 2013 season.  But when I took to the Internet super highway to do some Google research on Osgood, it all made sense.

The “Tony Montana Squad” was disassembled following the 2011 season, and Brad Seely’s special teams units showed the ill effects in 2012.  As a result, the 49ers General Manager, Trent Baalke, and his front office personnel dedicated a portion of the 2013 off season to restoring the dominance of the special teams.  Part of that restoration was the three time Pro Bowl special teamer, Kassim Osgood.

Although he was initially cut to start the season, Osgood was signed after week 1 of the NFL season and maintained a spot on the 53 man roster the remainder of the way.  His prowess as a special teams ace is no fluke.  Osgood was once again one of the top special teams players in the NFL on a team full of upper echelon special teamers.  He filled every role that the 49ers asked him to do so, and he did it willingly.

The real question here is what kind of dedication does the 49ers staff pay to special teams this off season.  Is the service that Kassim Osgood provides viewed as expendable?  How many dedicated special teamers does Trent Baalke keep on the roster for 2014?  Another one year contract won’t be an issue between the 49ers and Osgood.  It will simply be can the 49ers use that roster spot on someone who can contribute offensively or defensively, as well as special teams.  Obviously, the 49ers will try.  In turn, that makes Kassim Osgood expendable.

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