Anquan We Trust

The San Francisco 49ers pulled off perhaps the biggest coup of the 2013 offseason when they acquired Anquan Boldin from the Baltimore Ravens for a sixth round draft choice. While the rest of the league cried foul, the Niners finally had their complementary receiver to pair with Michael Crabtree.

Unfortunately, injuries limited the amount of playing time the two shared together, but the 49ers won every game Boldin and Crabtree were on the field together despite the NFC Championship. Despite that loss, the Faithful were given a glimpse of the future can hold if these guys remain a tandom.

No one can forget Anquan’s impressive debut against the Green Bay Packers where he pulled in 13 catches for 208 yards and a touchdown, but when Crabtree returned to the lineup in Week 13 against the St. Louis Rams, Boldin continued to excel, pulling in nine grabs for 98 yards. His biggest output with Crabtree in the lineup came in the Week 17 matchup with Arizona (Anquan’s first game against the Cardinals since being traded in 2009), where he made another nine catch performance tallying 149 yards and a score.

Overall, last year was one of the best of Boldin’s 11 year career. Along with being named team MVP, he pulled in 85 grabs for 1,179 yards and seven touchdowns. Those totals were tops in career catches since 2008, receiving yards since 2006 and touchdowns since 2010.

Good news for Niner fans is Boldin seems to have expressed some interest in returning to the City by the Bay. On January 20, he tweeted, “Thank you @49er fans for embracing my family and I during our first year in San Francisco…Your commitment to our team speaks volumes and I am proud to call myself a 49er.”

Obviously the words first year jump out immediately, and there is no question the organization and fan base would benefit from having Boldin back. Whether he is helping around or tweeting about the community or wearing a San Francisco Giants cap, Boldin has embraced the Bay Area as the 49er Faithful have embraced him.

Despite holes in the secondary, it would be easy to point out San Francisco’s achilles heel is the receiver position if Boldin is not re-signed or simply let go in free agency. The 49ers got him on a gift and the last thing they can afford is to let him slip away. With stone hands, veteran leadership and Super Bowl experience, it’s a no-brainer to bring Anquan back in red and gold.

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