49ers “Kap” Epic Wildcard Weekend With a Win

The Wildcard game between the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers was a game that lingered leaving writers nationwide yearning to write an ending.  After a scintillating weekend of four spectacular games, the 49ers did their part to leave no one disappointed.

With many wondering if Colin Kaepernick was simply an anamoly that couldn’t repeat last postseason’s performance, he stood tall and delivered on sports biggest stage.  Kaepernick’s last two drives were filled with poise and determination as he lead his team on a frigid 20-17 road victory.

The 49ers defense did their part as well performing their patented mantra of bend but never break. The defense frazzled Aaron Rodgers continuously, tallying four sacks, while never allowing him to get in a complete rhythm.

On a day where the talking heads pondered whether the California Crew could handle the bitter cold at Lambeau Field, the San Francisco 49ers, behind Phil Dawson’s game winning field goal, walked off the field as victors with their eyes on balmy Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Quest for Six Continues!

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