Reliving Playoff Glory Over Green Bay

The San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers have had a playoff history that has largely been dominated by Green Bay. However, the red and gold enter this game winning three straight over the ‘Cheese heads.’ As the Niners get set to invade the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field this Sunday (kickoff 1:40 PST), let’s take a look back at two playoff moments against the Packers that are sure to bring a smile to the face of any member of the Faithful.

The Catch II, NFC Wild Card Round (January 3, 1999)

Green Bay came into San Francisco with three consecutive playoff elimination victories over the 49ers. Brett Favre, much like the Dallas Cowboys earlier in the decade, had been a thorn in the side of Steve Young’s Niners, and with 1:56 to play and the Pack up 27-23 after a Favre pass to Antonio Freeman, it looked like it would be four in a row. But No. 8 had other ideas.

After taking over at their own 24 with all three timeouts left, Young led San Francisco down the field to the Packers 25 yard line. On 3rd & 3, Young took the snap, stumbled, regained his balance, and found Terrell Owens on a post route in the end zone for the game winning touchdown. You can watch the play and hear Joe Starkey’s call on the link below:

As Starkey pointed out, Owens had been “dropping everything including his fingers” all day, but that catch made up for everything and vaulted him into the pantheon of great Niner receivers (locker room etiquette aside). The tears streaming down his cheeks as he ran off the field tells the entire story. You can watch the entire drive at the link below:

Kap Runs Wild, NFC Divisional Playoffs (January 12, 2013)

Coming off a Week 1 victory in Green Bay with Alex Smith at the helm, the 49ers hosted the Packers in the divisional round last season. With Colin Kaepernick starting his first postseason game, many wondered if he could handle the pressure. Needless to say, the kid got the job done.

With both teams locked in a back-and-forth battle, San Francisco had the ball at their own 44 with the game tied at 24. That’s when the Niners called the young signal caller’s number on the read option. This was the result:

The Kap run ignited the 49er Faithful and would propel the Niners to a 45-31 win. Kaepernick finished the game with an NFL QB rushing record 181 yards on 16 carries and added 2 touchdown passes, both to Michael Crabtree. The following week, Colin would lead the comeback in the Georgia Dome to beat the Falcons and win the NFC Championship.

Will we see the next great moment in the 49er/Packer playoff rivalry this Sunday? Keep checking in all week to as we prepare you for the big matchup.



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