49ers vs. Cardinals Expectations

What a way to finish the 2013 regular season.  The upcoming San Francisco 49ers vs. the Arizona Cardinals is one of those white knuckle games.  The type of game where you sit in your seat of choice and squeeze the arm of the chair so tightly it changes the coloration of your knuckles.

The 49ers have locked up a position in the post season, but Jim  Harbaugh does lead this team.  In my opinion, he will not rest starters.  He will not treat this game any differently than any previous game he’s ever coached.  Jim Harbaugh will play this game against the Cardinals with every intent of capturing the number one overall seed in the NFC.  And what a game we are in for.

The Arizona Cardinals are coming into this matchup with a win over the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle.  That rarity in itself is something for the 49ers to respect.  Add a 10-5 overall record, the possibility of making the playoffs themselves, and an overall hatred for the 49ers, and the Cardinals are by no means a team to be taken lightly.

In all likelihood, this could be one of the the best contests of the year if you like defense.  They are flat out two of the best in the National Football League.   I fully expect a low scoring game that will hinge on the legs of each team’s field goal kicker.  Keeping that in mind, I’ll take the 49ers as the victors with a final score of 16-14.

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