Enjoying the Glory of Bowman’s Pick Six

How many times have you watched it? As a 49er fan you know exactly what I’m talking about. My answer is simple, I haven’t stopped watching it, so I can’t give you a final number (its 28 so far). That is how magnificent NaVarro Bowman’s pick six was last night. The Pick at the Stick as the Sporting Green called it, will go down in 49er lore as a fitting farewell to the landmark stadium the 49ers called home for 42 years.

Hollywood couldn’t have written a better ending to the script for what was (most likely) the last game at Candlestick Park. You had high drama, elation, anxiety, disappointment, adversity, redemption, and that was just in the last 2 minutes of the game.

The scene was set for an epic finish, the 49ers had come back from a first half deficit to dominate the second half and go up by ten. Now in the closing minutes, Atlanta was within three and driving about to score a go ahead touchdown. All because the soon to be hero had mishandled an onside kick that the Falcons recovered. Nervous like every other 49er fan, not wanting this game to go so wrong after things were looking like they were going so right, and then this happened and we all lost our collective minds. After the game NaVarro put it best “they are going to have to redo the top ten plays at Candlestick.”

I could spend the rest of our time going over how the offense played poorly in the first half, and the things that went wrong in the game on defense. But after such an amazing cap to a historic night, I’ll just say…in the second half we saw what this 49er team could be when Kap plays with instinct, Crabtree and Boldin play clutch, Gore runs like a steamroller, and the defense makes plays around the ball, that is when magic happens for San Francisco, the team and the city.

Now just kick back and enjoy the Pick at the Stick one more time (that makes 30) set to Journey’s “Lights”.

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