Two Words: Phil Dawson

Three minutes and fifty seconds.

That’s the length of the post game interview for San Francisco 49ers kicker Phil Dawson after a 19-17 victory for the 49ers over the Seattle Seahawks.

Yes, you read that correctly….he’s the kicker.  Rarely does a kicker in the NFL get the opportunity to do a post game interview.  Do you think you could pick Phil Dawson out of a lineup of a select few people?   The only thing we consistently see of Phil Dawson is that rectangular crease exposing his eyes and the bridge of his nose provided by the gap in his facemask.  I can almost guarantee you that Phil Dawson drives a 4×4 pickup truck, with a tool box mounted in the back, that’s full of bailing wire.

Dressed in a plaid, button up shirt for his post game interviews, Phil Dawson showed that he came to work Sunday.  In a game where field goals frustrate and infuriate fan bases, Phil Dawson connected on all four of his field goal attempts against the Seattle Seahawks and made his leg the sole deciding factor in a triumphant victory against the Niners current, most hated rival.  Take it for what it’s worth fellow 49ers fans……a damn good victory.

The life and times of a field goal kicker is comparable to that of the quarterback.  In fact, when a place kicker lets a team down he’s loathed and berated more so than the quarterback.  He’s as synonymous with last second victories (or loses)  as he is anonymous on a day in and day out basis!   The kicker only has one job to do right?  Put the ball between the uprights!  Well, Phil Dawson’s done that task 20 consecutive times.   And, Dawon’s made field goals against the Seahawks were from distances of 23, 48, 52, and 22 yards.  Those tallied 12 points were mostly uneventful, yet vitally important as a reminder to the brash folks from Seattle that the 49ers are a force to be reckon with.

When I read and listen to news of the 49ers continued offensive struggles and the road to the big dance still goes through Seattle all that’s really heard is “blah, blah, blah, blah, with a little more blah.”  Don’t allow the focus of the Week 14 victory to be taken away by those attempting to enlighten us all with their prowess.  Only in the NFL does the outcome of the game succumb to how the game was played.  But, they don’t know what’s going to happen the rest of the NFL season anymore than you or I do.  That, as they say, is why they play the games.  And in this one, the 49ers dominated the special teams aspect, played outstanding defense, and provided enough offense to beat the proclaimed best team in the National Football League.

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