Round Two Against the NFC West

I won’t make a habit of this I promise, but I want to take a good, solid moment here to remember one of the good ones.  None of our readers here will recognize the name, but that doesn’t make this woman any less significant.  A gal by the name of Sharon Closter was laid to rest yesterday, this past Monday on December 2.  Sharon was one of those women that a lot more folks should have had the chance to meet.  She was an extremely, passionate sports fan and although she was not a San Francisco 49ers fans, it’s in her lineage.  Two of her grandsons and her son-in-law all cheer for the red and gold.  So that has to speak volumes!  But before I delve into an array of details that would do Sharon justice, let me simply reiterate with all sincerity that she was just “one of the good ones.”  She’ll most certainly be missed.  So, please do me a favor and take the time to let those know in your lives that maybe they’re just a little bit extra than special.

After week four of the 2014 NFL season I stated that the St. Louis Rams were probably the second worst team in football.  At the time, I believed that to be true.  But, I’ve also stated on more than one instance that each week in the National Football League, a new story is written.  The Rams have certainly improved since that early season match up against the San Francisco 49ers.  They’ve played an array of reputable opponents lately, and they’ve played rather well.  They even dismantled an Indianapolis Colts team that made our 49ers look down right pathetic.  So, coming into the week 13 contest between the 49ers and Rams, I struggled to gauge my expectations for the game.

Although the score claimed that the more recent game between the two teams was closer, in actuality, it was an even greater show of dominance by the San Francisco 49ers.  The only thing missing in the game for the 49ers was a fairly lackluster performance in the rushing game by the offensive line and Frank Gore.  But in all honesty, that’s something to be expected with all of the 49ers latest opponents loading the box with eight defenders more often than not.  It’s simple mathematics.  Six or seven guys are going to struggle to block eight or more.

As this season has been progressing, an undeniable fact has become utterly clear for me.  I don’t have a firm grip on the complexities of the NFL and in particular, the San Francisco 49ers.  I’ll call my own self out right here and right now.  I said that the return of Michael Crabtree would not be the deciding factor to turn an ailing offense around.  Well, for one game anyway, it was.  In this very game against the St. Louis Rams, Michael Crabtree opened up the field for Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis.  He allowed them to get that window of separation that gave the appearance of Colin Kaepernick being an extremely good quarterback again.  Now, I’m always under the belief that Kapernick is OUR guy, as I’ve always been.  So here’s one guy hoping for sustainability in his performances.   Kapernick now has two high quality performances in a row if you group together the Washington and St. Louis outings.

Colin Kaepernick did many things against the St. Louis Rams that many recent detractors have been harping about.  Kap progressed in his reads on multiple scenarios.  He threw successfully into tight windows.  And in typcial Colin Kaepernick fashion, he threw accurately while he was flushed from the pocket.

A person can sit and watch coaches film and analyze every phase of the 49ers beat down of the Rams, but you’d be wasting your time.  This 23-13 victory for the Niners was solely about Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, Vernon Davis, Colin Kaepernick and crew finding their rhythm and cohesion.  It’s exciting.  It’s the type of thing for 49ers fans that make your hairs tingle!  It’s most definitely the type of thing we’ve been waiting for since Kap’s thrashing of the Packers in week one.  Our stout defense and offensive balance will lead this team where they want to go.  I firmly believe that!  You sure as heck better too.

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