Gut Check Time for the 49ers

I had over 1,200 words written up after the San Francisco 49ers loss to the New Orleans Saints.  I covered it all.  I highlighted the 49ers abysmal passing game.  I delved into gross clock mismanagement.  I mixed in some commentary on dropped passes and highly questionable laundry distribution from the referees.  I analyzed Coach Harbaugh’s two shocking challenge flags and a myriad of mental lapses from the 49ers team as a whole.  Yes, I did sprinkle in some positives, mostly from the defense, too.  I mean, my word…..did you see that interception by Ahmad Brooks?  Andy Lee and Phil Dawson both had impressive days in the kicking game, which made the recap.  But, then I went back to an inability to sustain a long drive by the 49ers offense.  Oh yeah, and then there was more injuries!  I perused the fact that Michael Crabtree will help this team but not cure it.  I mean, I really did cover it all!


I had to stop.   Yesterday’s game was a microcosm of the entire 2013 season for the San Francisco 49ers.  There’s ups and downs and a possible flat line or two.  We all search for perspective and begin to point the fingers anywhere we can to blame anyone we can for a talented team that’s going to have to grit it out to make the playoffs.  Throw your tantrums and your fits.  I understand it. But then, let me try to reel you back in.

The 49ers could have won yesterday.  In fact, they should have won.  Of course, they didn’t though, and that’s the cold hard fact.  But, the remaining schedule is there for us.  There’s winnable road games intertwined with some tough home games.  That’s the way to have it too.  It’s set up for the Niners to make a run.  I’m still a firm believer that the 49ers can write a great story yet, and you should be too.  So, be angry within reason and spew your rants, but then take a couple of deep breaths and settle back down for what’s going to be a very interesting ride.

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