Is There Justified Scrutiny in 49ers Loss?

Do you ever wonder who exactly is telling you what to think in regards to our beloved San Francisco 49ers?  Do you ever just think about who’s giving you information about the up’s and down’s every 49ers season provides?  What do they really know about the complex game of football?  Did they play football?  Are they coaches with experience in watching game film?

With the overall growth, development, and popularity of Twitter combining with the 49ers recent, disappointing loss to the Carolina Panthers, it got me to thinking.  Take your information with a slight grain of salt.  My intention isn’t to discredit anyone for their passion of the 49ers, but the fact that everyone is an expert is absurd.  Everyone with the ability to post on the internet has an opinion.  It doesn’t make it right or wrong.

My personal resume doesn’t speak alarming volumes to analyze a game.  I was a competitive, high school quarterback in Nebraska.  I started for two seasons and part of a third.  I was a Division I recruit, that never played a Division I snap of football.  I loved to compete, work hard, and prepare for each weeks game.  Beyond that, I’m just a fan that’s watched the game of football since he was a young boy.  Sharing my passion of the San Francisco 49ers is the position that I’m most qualified.  It’s not to bad mouth, trash talk, and call for firings of members of the 49ers organization.

Should folks that are allowed a forum to write for sports team have the ability to call for change?

Well, that’s certainly debatable.  For better or worse, anyone can post almost anything they want on Twitter or Facebook.  And,  I understand that in the game of professional sports, salaries are generally paid by the fan.  We buy the tickets, we buy the apparel/souvenirs, we buy TV packages to watch our team, and so on and so forth.  So, I understand the sense of entitlement that we can say whatever we want to say as it pertains to the San Francisco 49ers.  That doesn’t make any of the ideas floating around the World Wide Web any less ludicrous.

So here I am.  I stood on my soapbox and exposed how I feel.  And now, I’m willing to share my opinion on the matter.  But remember, that doesn’t necessarily make me right or wrong in your eyes.  But let’s give a little perspective on a few matters that are the most disconcerting amongst 49ers fans.

A popular one out there in the land of Twitter is that Greg Roman needs fired immediately!  The 49ers are a 6-3 team right now with a difficult road game at New Orleans on the horizon.  That means, currently, the 49ers are a playoff team.  It also means we’re a wild card team right now.  And, it means everyone is fearful of traveling to Seattle or New Orleans again in order to reach another Super Bowl.  It most certainly does not mean that the 49ers need to fire Greg Roman.  A playoff team does not fire their offensive coordinator after nine games into a season.   Greg Roman was all the rave the past two seasons for his offensive innovation, and his name has been and still is connected to some high profile positions in the football universe.  Google “Greg Roman head coach” and it’ll prove my point.

Are the game plans developed in 2013, designed by the entire offensive staff, less effective this year?

That’s quite apparent.  The numbers are there to back that up.  But, the numbers also state that the Niners are 6-3, in the playoff picture, and just ended a five game winning streak.  There’s no way in the world you fire Greg Roman.  And even more importantly, there’s just no sense in promoting the firing of Greg Roman!  Greg Roman actually has a resume.  A very, very good one at that.  And as 49ers fans, that’s something you should respect.

Another of my favorite misconceptions of the week is that the passing game has no imagination.  This isn’t Dungeons and Dragons.  Imagination is fun, cute, and even entertaining in football games, but more often than not, it isn’t the reason a team is winning football games.  Execution is what wins football games.  Even more so, execution of fundamentals wins football games.  If the 49ers prepare, block, tackle, run, and pass better they’ll win the games.  A person can watch a game film numerous times, but the team that executes the most effectively will win the football game.

And now to my favorite quandary of the week.  Interact throughout social media with those that share your interests.  Engage and have fun with San Francisco 49ers fans throughout the country and beyond.  But as simple fans like me, don’t pretend to know it all.  We don’t.  The most valued opinions regarding football are from the ones that are playing or have played the game at a high level.  Granted, some of those opinions are full of arrogance, but nonetheless informative.  Put your faith in and value the opinions that coached the game or covered the game  for an extensive period of time.  Trust the guys that are around the team on a day in and day out basis.

As fans, it’s perfectly fine to agree to disagree. It’s fine to have opinions of schemes or plays too.There’s nothing wrong with that.  When fans start making consistent claims of firing people or telling everyone how to run a National Football League team, it just becomes absurd.  The 49ers have created a cultural success under Jim Harbaugh over these past three seasons that we haven’t seen since Steve Mariucci was fired from the team.  Rushing to weekly judgements and putting them out there for the world to see does not help the 49ers win ballgames.

But then again, what do I know.


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