An Imposing of Will for the 49ers

A person can scan a stat sheet from top to bottom after a game and usually determine the outcome of any football game.  You can find that information on any of a multitude of newspapers, sports TV shows, and websites.  If I’m on my game as a writer I don’t usually like to include an overabundance of stats.  I don’t need to be the one to tell a person the information that they more than likely already know.  It just seems a bit repetitive. Game recaps are everywhere!

In the San Francisco 49ers dismantling of the Jacksonville Jaguars, the stat sheet will tell a crystal clear story.  Call me what you will for stating the obvious but so will the score of 42-10.

This game was a mismatch from the moment the players boarded their respective planes.  The 49ers are a team in the midst of solidifying themselves as a favorite for another Super Bowl run.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are team that puts a red “X” on the Tuesday of every week notifying payday.

The success of the 49ers this season seams to be formulated on a simple “control” formula.  Control the clock, the line of scrimmage, and the turnover battle and wins will follow.  It all equates to an impressive five game winning streak that has been predicated on a mauling offensive line and a rushing attack headed by Frank Gore.  Somewhere along the line, most likely after a blowout loss in week three, the 49ers decided to revert to winning games by any means necessary.  That any means necessary was a familiar style for the 49ers. It made them successful last season, and it has been the catalyst for the aforementioned winning streak this season.

I suppose it started at the dawn of time for NFL football.  The skill position players garner a high majority of the headlines.  The praise goes to the the guys that touch the football.  It does makes sense.  It’s where all of our eyes avert to whenever a play is ran.  But the success of the 49ers is way more than that.  The success is about guys named Joe Staley, Mike Iupati, Jon Goodwin, Alex Boone, and Anthony Davis.  As a unit, these guys combine strength and speed with technique and grit.  The 49ers lean on this unit to impose their will and wear down teams over the course of an entire game.

Here’s my one statistic from the 49ers vs. Jaguars game.  The Jacksonville Jaguars accumulated 90 rushing yards.  The San Francisco 49ers tallied 221 rushing yards.  That statistic is a reflection of Joe Staley.  Staley doesn’t get to touch the football all too often, but he sure was fun to watch in this contest.  He was pulling with the speed of a running back for running backs Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter.  Staley’s blocks were precise and combustible.  He’s the epitome of the state of the 49ers offense.  That’s power football folks, and that’s what the San Francisco 49ers are all about!

As a team moving into the bye week, the 49ers are now hitting on all cylinders. They have key pieces to the overall puzzle hopefully coming back after the break.  It’s an exciting time for 49ers fans.  The possibilities for this team appear to once again be endless.  At the same time an unsettling feeling for all up and coming opponents has settled in.  It’s that time of year for the fans of the red and gold to settle in and see where this team can take us.  Enjoy!

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