49ers Dominate Titans in All Three Phases

When you’re good, which the San Francisco 49ers are, you hear it when they’re bad.  You don’t just hear it from lifelong NFL fans or even fans that just pay attention to football.  You get razzed by people like your father-in-law that think Florida St. beat the Houston Oilers.  You hear it from the dude that works at you daughter’s daycare who claims quasi 49ers fanhood status.  “What’s wrong with our team?”  You hear it from everyone.

I stayed even keel.  I stated it confidently.  They’ll be just fine I told the masses.  Now, here we sit as present day 49ers fans with our team at 5-2 and a recent road victory over a reputable Tennessee Titans.  As expected, I don’t hear anything from, well anyone right now.

There’s a reason for that too.  The 49ers victory over the Titans was impressive.  In coach speak, the 49ers dominated in all three phases of the game.  Offensively, defensively, and special teams all clicked.  It was the exact type of win the 49ers have been trying to put together all season long.  The most apparent factor in the game was the balance the 49ers showed as a whole.

Colin Kaepernick lead the balanced attack with 199 passing yards and 68 rushing yards.  It was the first time all season the read option was effective for the 49ers.  Frank Gore grinded for 70 yard on 24 carries, while adding two touchdowns.  Kaepernick favorites Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin did their standard share in the victory as well with a combined 9 receptions for 136 yards.

The 49ers defense once again played their prototypical game of allowing a few big plays but coming up with timely turnovers and stops.  Justin Smith found his way to the quarterback on two occasions during the game and Tramaine Brock had yet another crucial interception. NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis once again showed why they are the best inside linebacker duo in the league combining for 15 total tackles.

The play of the game was turned in my an undrafted rookie and career special teams player.  Darryl Morris smacked Tennessee Titans punt returner Darius Reynaud right after he mishandled an Andy Lee  punt in the fourth quarter.  Upon impact, Morris appeared to kick the ball into the end zone, and Kassim Osgood sprinted toward and landed on the ball in the end zone.  The dynamic play put a hault to the momentum the Titans were garnering in the final quarter and gave the 49ers a 31-10 lead at the time.

From top to bottom, the San Francisco 49ers looked like the team that is finally starting to put it all together.  They played their most  complete, balanced game of the year to date.  They played the type of game that makes others throughout the league take notice.  This was a game that will stand as a good reminder for many about who last years NFC Champions were.   And most certainly, the Niners played the type of game that will silence those that are just looking to get a rise out of certain 49er fans!

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