Supporting Aldon, Yet Moving On

If you happen to be looking for the most up to date information regarding Aldon Smith, you’re unequivocally in the wrong place.  I’m not going to pretend that I know California state law and spew forth presumptions at you like I might know when Aldon could next play for the San Francisco 49ers.  We all know he has charges stemming from a recent DUI and weapons charges from a party in 2012.   Is any of this really about that?

Sure it is, but it’s still a tough question for me to ask.  These charges are all of a serious magnitude.  But for better or worse, I’m a fan first and foremost.  That’s exactly what this site is about…..being a fan.  I’ve spent hard earned dollars in apparel and memorabilia to support and back my passion for the 49ers.   The feeling 49ers fans, like me, receive each week when their team is triumphant is darn right euphoric.

I was also sitting in front of my TV on April 29, 2011, the opening night of the NFL draft, saying “who in the hell is Aldon Smith?”

After two whole seasons and three additional games, every NFL fan knows the name Aldon Smith.  He’s the man that was setting records.  He’s the man that was accumulating sacks faster than anyone in NFL history.  He was simply…..The Man!

So, when we see a guy like Aldon Smith plummet in his personal life so badly, it frustrates us.  We’re the ones who bought his jersey (yes, I have one), t-shirts, trading cards, and tickets to see him play.  We’re the ones that want to see The Man terrorize all NFL quarterbacks, and help our team win each week.

The media and more so social media, thousands of 49er fans included, are going to rip Aldon Smith apart.  They’re going to psychoanalyze him wondering how he could throw it all away with these serious charges.  They’ll use terms that will question his overall intelligence.  I completely understand it, but that doesn’t mean I like it.  We don’t need to go there.

This is about Aldon Smith getting the help he appears to need so badly need.  It’s about getting The Man right!  Can we hope for the best and wish for his legal problems to subside and a complete personal rehabilitation?  Of course.

But as for right now, let’s support Aldon Smith the best we can, while also supporting the 60+ players and coaches that are providing us with the game we have such a passion for.  Because when Sunday comes…..or Monday….or maybe even Thursday…..oh yeah, and an occasional Saturday, we’re all vehement fans of the Red and Gold.

And as 49ers fans, that’s what this should really be about.






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