It’s Time for the Offense to Get Rolling

Four of the first five opponents for the San Francisco 49ers in the 2013 season were playoff teams from a year ago.  With that in mind, the 49ers seemed to take an NCAA March Madness approach during this stretch.  They were looking to survive and advance.  Coming out of that stretch at 3-2 doesn’t seem all that bad considering the opposition mixed with a myriad of injuries.  In fact, it leaves the 49ers only one game behind the Seattle Seahawks in the divisional race in the NFC West.

But let’s get down to it here Faithful.  It’s time for the 49ers offense to get rolling.  The next three games consisting of the Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars isn’t exactly running the gauntlet.

The Cardinals (30th), Titans (26th), and Jaguars (32) have three of the worst offenses in the league.  In theory, the 49ers defense should be able to handle such atrocious offensive play allowing the 49ers offense the opportunity to develop some much needed rhythm.

I’ll be the first to admit that last year, I was beyond smitten with Colin Kaepernick.  In all my years of following NFL football, I had never seen anything like him.  To me, he was more than RGIII, more than Randall Cunningham, more than Fran Tarkenton, and even more than one of my personal favorites……Steve Young. My mouth was in constant gasp watching him play last year.

Well, that state of awe has since passed, but my belief and confidence in Colin Kaepernick is still soundly intact.  And fairly or unfairly, we expect a lot out of Kaepernick after trading away the best game manager in the league away in Alex Smith. Yes, he’s down some of his major weapons, but we’re at a point in the season where it’s time to overcome such hindrance and thrive.  Kap is far too talented not to.

The needed weapons at receiving corp just aren’t there right now.  That’s quite obvious for all 49er Faithful to see.  It’s obvious to see when Kaepernick targets a receiver, it’s in one of two directions.  Direction one is toward Anquan Boldin, and then the look is towards Vernon Davis. There doesn’t appear to be much progression throughout his reads right now for Kap. The difference between this year and last year though for him is that Kapernick would often throw his first option open last year.  This year, he’s more tentative and doesn’t want the responsibility of throwing a game away.

Kendall Hunter is the key to getting Colin Kaepernick out of his slump.

Kendall Hunter is the key to getting Colin Kaepernick out of his slump.

To me, it’s a simple solution.  It’s time to emphasize a screen game along with the running game.  Put even more emphasis on Frank Gore.   Allow Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James to build Colin Kaepernick’s confidence back up.  This stable of running backs is being far underutilized right now, and it’s the perfect remedy to put our QB back on track.  The 49ers are running far too many routes with far too much depth, and they aren’t getting open a majority of time.  If they can establish an intermediate passing game it will

help solidify Kap’s confidence, and hopefully he can regain his accuracy down the field.

The offensive staff is still trying to find its balance this year.  It’s in the process of finding a happy medium that progresses towards another run at the Lombardi Trophy.  Doing everything in their power to rebuild the confidence in Colin Kaepernick is the one thing that will make this season a SUPER one.


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