Stagnant Offense Plagues 49ers

I’ve always considered myself a full time connoisseur of sports.  It’s enjoyable to watch them and follow them.  Back and forth competition has always kept me riveted for whatever reason.  If there’s a weaker point in my arsenal of knowledge it lies in NBA basketball.  For some reason, I’m just not overly compelled by it.  However, I can recollect in the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s, a certain nickname for future Hall of Famer, Jason Kidd.  They used to call him “Ason Kidd.” He couldn’t shoot for a lick, or he lacked a “jumper” therefore the “J” was left off his first name.  For those that followed Jason Kidd’s career, you know that the perception was a bit untrue and as Kidd progressed in his career his jumper was pretty reliable.

The current San Francisco 49ers “Ffense” has gone MIA.  Except in this case, it isn’t perception….this is reality.  Our “O” has been outright abysmal.  It’s a complete head scratcher.  The 49ers offense made the Indianapolis Colts defense look like some of the most famed in NFL history.   Well, this game  certainly didn’t feature The Steel Curtain.  What it did feature was a quite obvious case of misperception on behalf of Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh.

The emphasis of our offense has been thrown on the shoulders of Colin Kaepernick prematurely and unfairly.  He’s asked to handle an offensive game plan filled with receivers that are at best 3’s and 4’s.  Excluding Anquan Boldin and Quinton Patton (let him develop) the 49ers receivers, Marlon Moore, Kassim Osgood and Kyle Willliams, couldn’t fight themselves out of a wet paper bag. Kaepernick is not only the 49ers future, he’s also the present.  The absence of Vernon Davis only compounded matters. Then, to ask a young, impressionable quarterback to succeed with wide receivers that just aren’t very good is a mistake.  It’s hampering the confidence of the most important player on the football field.

After last week’s debacle in Seattle, I thought the game plan had been figured out.  Let’s utilize a mauling offensive line. Let’s feed Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter.  Let’s keep our aging defense off the field as much as possible by shortening up the game with a running clock.  Most importantly, let’s give Kaepernick his confidence back.

The second drive of the game seemed to be the revolution our offense had been looking for.  There was physicality and illusiveness in the rushing game as Frank Gore toted 3 carries for 54 yards.  Kendall Hunter provided the lone 49ers touchdown on that same drive with 2 carries for 10  yards.  That very drive right there was the only time all season the 49ers have committed to the running game, and guess what….it was successful!

So it only makes sense to abandon the run completely and only give Hunter and Gore a combined total of 10 more carries for the entire rest of the game right?  It was a game that was a 6 point game or less for the majority of it.  It really is inexplicable on behalf of the offensive coaching staff.

I don’t know where the 49ers go from here.  Injuries are mounting up and that identity I talked about last week is still left out in limbo.  Sometimes the greats, which I still firmly believe Harbaugh is, overthink themselves.  They need a few smacks in the face to realize they aren’t as smart as they think they are.  The innovation and surprise that the read option provided appears to have ran its course. Kaepernick can’t sling it without anyone to sling it to.  So it’s back to that ole’ proverbial drawing board.  But this one isn’t hard to figure out Faithful.  The Inconvenient Truth is right there in front of them.  Feed Frank the ball.  Allow the 49ers all time leading rusher to provide the relieve for Colin Kaepernick that he so desperately needs right now.  Counterpunch with a dose of Kendall Hunter and allow this team to gel once again.

The bandwagon might have lost a few members, but so be it.  I’ll grab the damn reins and steer the course for the wavering fan base if need be. The panic button is in sight right now, but by no means does it need to be pressed.  Let’s see what Coach can do here….the same coach that pulled us out of the “decade of despair.”  We call ourselves “Faithful” for a reason, so let’s keep the faith.

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