Keep Perspective 49ers Fans

Personally, I don’t know what the public perception is of 49ers legend Steve Young.  Obviously, as a fan of the team, I’m biased.  I like listening to his own perspective and analysis.  Give the guy credit here.  He is the one that told us that Colin Kapernick would face adversity that he had yet rarely seen.  Last night against the Seattle Seahawks, that adversity presented itself.

Pump the brakes a bit yet though 49ers fans. I’ll admit this throttling at the hands of Seattle hurt.  All loses sting for passionate fans.  This one more so than most because as 49ers fans, we all detest the Seahawks.  As of right now, they are our most loathed rival.  We’re irked by their head coach.  Their players (Richard Sherman) get under our skin to an unfathomable degree. BUT….the NFL calendar still reads Week 2.  It’s way to early to start pointing fingers and mentioning the all to ever common “coulda, shoulda, woulda’s.”

Did this game mean absolutely nothing?  Well….no. Like I said, it was the Seahawks.   And I enjoy expletive laced tirades describing them as much as any 49ers fan, but keep the faith my friends.  We have a high majority of the season to play out and Harbaugh and Co. are going to establish an identity for us.

That seems to be the underlying issue.  This team appears to lack an identity right now.  Including an impressive home win against the Packers with lastnight’s debacle, Colin Kaepernick is conflicted.  He’s being coached up to protect himself almost at all costs.  He’s being coached up to succeed as a passer, more importantly as a pocket passer.  He’s being told to limit his running and preserve his career.  It makes sense.  RGIII and the Redskins will tell you that.

The running game is non existent.  Frank Gore and Kendall haven’t factored into either of our games at all essentially.  The 49ers offense is trying to decide how much read option they can still run effectively.  While trying to decide what to do with Kaepernick (run, pass, read 0ption) we haven’t fed Gore, the 49ers all time leading rusher, consistently.  We haven’t allowed our mauling, talented offensive line to dominate the opponents front seven.

So, as an offense, do the 49ers pound the rock?  Do they sling it it with Kaepernick?  Or how about the read option?  It’s a state of limbo right now as Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman are trying to find the right competitive balance.  As fans, we want to snap our fingers and make it happen….make it better.  It just doesn’t work that way sometimes.  Football is a complex game.  It’s even more complex at a professional level.

I’m fairly certain of one thing.  Even as a team establishing an identity, the 49ers are still going to win way more games than we won’t.  Be patient everyone….this season will unfold as a successful one, possibly even a SUPER one.  As a collective whole, the San Francisco 49ers are too talented for it not to.

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