49ers a Step Ahead of Packers

Jim Harbaugh didn’t exactly need Carnac the Magnificent to game plan for this one.  The Packers told the San Francisco 49ers team exactly what they were going to do for this first week matchup  And guess what? They did it.  They scouted college programs (Texas A&M in particular) for answers to defend the read option throughout the offeseason.  The Pack proclaimed they’d hit Kaepernick if given the opportunity……legal or not.  It was all out there for us layman to see.

So, what did Harbaugh and Co. do? They did the complete opposite of what the Green Bay Packers prepared for.  Now, I give Jim Harbaugh and his staff all the credit in the world at every opportunity.  But, come on Mike McCarthy, this was kid stuff.  The only thing that helped you save face in this contest was the pure talent of the Green Bay Packer football team.  OK Mike, you don’t want to be absolutely embarrassed and humiliated by a seemingly new trend in quarterbacks again?  That’s fine.  That same quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, and his staff of pass catchers will slice and dice you to the tune of 412 passing yards.  It was irony at its finest.

In and NFL landscape that is ever evolving, with everyone looking for the next big thing that gives them an edge, Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packer staff seemed to assume that we were replaying last January’s game.  That’s exactly what they planned for.  The Packer defense was bound and determined that the 49er running game was not going to get going.  They were going to single handedly destroy the read option….Kaepernick and Frank Gore included.  And for the most part, they succeeded in that minuscule battle. Gore was contained, and Kaepernick barely ran the read option.  But as we all know, victories are only rewarded on the outcome of the scoreboard.

That scoreboard was the defining place for an offensive line’s tremendous pass protection.  It was a reflection of a strong rapport from Kapernick towards Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin.  Those 8 or so men put on a clinic on how to attack the middle of the field utilizing the passing game.  Kaepernick showed off his absurdly strong, accurate arm to complete 19 passes for 306 yards and 3 touchdowns to those two men alone.  Davis and Boldin showed speed and power and exceptional hands to accommodate their QB to perfection.  It was a pure passing tutorial.

So I now ask you Mike McCarthy and members of the Green Bay Packers coaching staff…..is Colin Kaepernick one dimensional? 34-28 in favor of the 49ers should say otherwise!


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