Observations of Super Bowl 47

The entire 49ers Faithful was full of angst.  This game of the conference bests was unlike anything I have ever seen. Yet, it was strikingly similar to a 2002 playoff contest between 49ers and the New York Giants.  The Niners were throttled in any and every way throughout the first half.  Each facet of the game was dominated by the opposition. Back then,  I can recall turning off the TV in a fit of rage and turning Joe Starkey on to finish listening to the game. The rest, as they say, is history.  My fury far exceeded that during the first half of the Super Bowl, but I never strayed from the TV.  This was the 49ers modus operandi.  They dug themselves a hole and clawed themselves out. Unfortunately, the 49ers didn’t finish this game like they did the Packers and Falcons games.


*The Super Bowl is the biggest stage in all of athletics and yet the 49ers still came out extremely flat.  It got progressively worse for the 49ers through each round of the playoffs.  The 28-6 deficit was just too much for even the most talented team in the NFL to overcome.

*Chris Culliver will be an excellent cornerback in the NFL.  But right now, he’s not even half as good as he thinks he is.  He looked silly in coverage against anyone he matched up against.  Jacoby Jones, Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin made him look downright pedestrian.

*Randy Moss was Randy Moss.  Did he even care this was the Super Bowl? Did he find a fly in his pregame soup?  He appeared and played disinterested during a week when he laid personal claim as the “greatest receiver of all time.”  He shyed away from his career defining moment/game.

*The vaunted 49ers defense became a massive liability.  This is a tough one to pin point too.  In the last six games (playoffs included) the defense allowed an average of 30 points per game.  Granted, injuries were undoubtedly there.  Justin Smith, Ahmad Brooks, and Aldon Smith were all documented as being injured.  Those three are the main contributors in a 49ers pass rush.  There was something more to it though.  The secondary was consistently exposed as being less than spectacular.  Even more troubling, Vic Fangio’s defensive scheme appeared figured out.  Each team in those final six games moved the ball with fluidity and occasional ease.

*Allow me to understate the obvious.  Colin Kaepernick is really, really good.  Colin is going to be great.  Phil Simms man crush aside, Kaepernick played an incredible game with both his arms and legs.  He has no equal in comparision.  I don’t wanna hear RG3, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, or even Randall Cunningham similarities.  This Kaepernick fella has no equal right now when it comes to pure ability and future potential.  Even more impressively, he displayed it in the biggest game of his young career.

*The combination of Joe Staley, Mike Iupati, Johnathan Goodwin, Alex Boone, and Anthony Davis need a nickname. They need one signifying power, grace and intensity.  It’s was an impressive sight to watch them work lastnight against a formidable defense.  They picked up blitzes and stonewalled defenders in almost perfect cohesion.

*The 49ers missed Mario Manningham and Kyle Williams more than most probably thought they would.  As an offense, the Niners were just one wide receiver short in the game lastnight.  Michael Crabtree became “the man” this season.  He evolved this year beautifully and his evolution didn’t tail off at all in Super Bowl 47.

*Vernon Davis took a bit of time, but he’s gelled with Kaepernick and then some.  He blocks so well too, and he proved during the game that coverage on him by a linebacker is laughable.

*I hate to do it.  It really isn’t in my nature to do, but there’s no avoiding it.  The work put forth by the referees during Super Bowl 47 was despicable.  The deck was stacked against the 49ers with missed and horrible calls. In no particular order, there was of course the most obvious and painful, which was the hold on Michael Crabtree during the 49ers last offensive play.  There was a blatant hold on Delanie Walker during Jacoby Jones 108 yard kickoff return.  The most aggravating for me was the no-call on the Baltimore defender’s bear hug to Anthony Dixon during Sam Koch’s delayed safety.  Chris Culliver was called for a ticky tack pass interference on a crucial 3rd and 9 in the 4th quarter. Torrey Smith got away with a offensive pass interference against Chris Culliver as well that most likely would have lead to an interception.  An NFL officiating crew has a goal to remain anonymous throughout every game.  Well, they failed miserably on their biggest day.

* I don’t agree at all with the scrutiny of the play calling on the 49ers last offensive drive.  Media and fans alike are chastising the play calling of Roman and Harbaugh from the 5-yard line late in the fourth quarter.  It’s unjustified.  They put the ball in the hands of their best player and asked him to win the game.  Colin Kaepernick simply didn’t get it done.  The 49ers called three consecutive pass plays from inside the 10 yard line.  We all saw that, but what didn’t happen at that position of the field was Kaepernick improvising.  Improvisation is what makes Colin so good and so entertaining to watch.  He held back on scrambling for the winning touchdown when he had the opportunity.   I truly think that’s what Harbaugh was banking on because he’d done it all game.  He thought if he put the ball in Kap’s hands with a pass play, he’d always have the option to run.

*Finally, damn….don’t ya love Jim Harbaugh?  I sure do.  Every NFL fan that isn’t a 49ers fan genuinely hates the guy.  That’s what makes him our guy.  He’s so damn good!  There’s nothing more that he wanted to do lastnight than beat the crap out of his older brother.  That tenacity, that fire is so admirable.  All he wants to do is win football games, and that’s the leader of the San Francisco 49ers.  That’s the leader that is going to get the job done and win the whole damn thing!


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