Enjoy the Ride 49ers Fans

Chaos is about to ensue. The over-hyped media day is mere hours away.  Hypothetically, we’ll get to learn things like the name of Danel Kilgore’s favorite movie.  Or, we’ll learn Michael Wilhoite’s preference of rocky road or mint chocolate chip ice cream.   In other words, there is going to be obscurity beyond epic proportions that won’t mean a damn thing.

It’s Super Bowl week.  This is the moment that all of the 49ers Faithful have painstakingly awaited for approximately 18 years.   It has been a journey and then some.  Don’t allow the circus to take away from the moment.  This is the moment that Joe Montana and Steve Young have created.  They owned the moment and made the words Super Bowl and 49ers more synonymous than peanut butter and jelly.  That aura has been passed onto Harbaugh, Kaepernick and crew for them to grab hold.  Our passion and support is in their hands.  In that, all Niners fans should have complete confidence.

This is a 49ers moment! So remember Faitfhul, we live in social media driven society that snaps its fingers and forgets what happened 30 seconds ago. Take the time to smell roses and enjoy the greatest franchise in NFL history as we’re on the cusp of greatness.  We don’t know how long it may take to get back to another one of these.


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