Fight the Hype?

Somewhere in that 4th quarter, I knew.  A lot of us 49ers fans knew.  The victory over the Packers was secure, and the hype was about to rain down upon the San Francisco 49ers at a fascinating rate. The offense dazzled and the defense held strong. It really is nothing new for this team during the season though.  In fact, it’s happened quite frequently.  What hasn’t happened frequently is a favorable outcome following such hype.

The Vikings told us where we could stick the hype.  The Giants did the same.  Those pesky, middle of the road Rams thought we were nothing but hype.  In round two, the Seahawks talked and talked and talked and talked some more about their superiority.  But the 49ers are there again.  They are one game away from the Super Bowl.   They are two wins away from claiming franchise superiority as the only team undefeated in the Super Bowl era with 6 rings! And get ready for it, because the hype is back.

It seems every man, woman, and child with an ounce of football knowledge (for the most part anyway) are hitching to the 49ers bandwagon and going for a ride. There are names like Marcellus Wiley, Bomani Jones, and even “Boom!” John Madden that are picking this 49ers squad to hoist the Lombardi trophy.  Those are just a select few among many that know this 49ers team is the most talented.  It is the best coached.  And without a doubt, it is the most complete!

It is a different time now.  It’s NFC Championship time.  It’s no longer time to fight the hype.   It is time to embrace the hype!  It’s time to play with the confidence in knowing that the San Francisco 49ers are the best team.  It’s time to dominate Atlanta like we are the most talented, best coached and most complete team in the National Football League.

Yes Coach Harbaugh, we can still do all of this with “humble hearts” and complete the Quest for Six!

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