Lessons from 49ers vs. Seahawks Game

There’s a lesson to be learned here.  If you sit and breakdown this San Francisco vs. Seattle game film down, it’s there.  Take the time and disect the film, watch the blocking schemes, the receivers routes, base defenses, blitz packages, etc.  Slow the game down and analyze the 49ers game plan.  In doing so, you would be completely wasting your time.

This NFC West matchup wasn’t about statistics.  It wasn’t about individual matchups.  It wasn’t about rain, crown noise, or even completely about the outcome.  This particular game was entirely about physicality.

In that column, the Seattle Seahawks receive an emphatic, bold checkmark!

Yes, Seattle showed up on Sunday night football looking to make a statement.  The clock ended after 4 quarters with the Seahawks slamming an exclamation in their 42-13 trouncing of the San Francisco 49ers. They took out Mario Manningham and Vernon Davis.  Russell Wilson was effective and extremely elusive.  He showed the type of swagger, poise, and finesse that 49er fans have seen more often than not  in Colin Kaepernick.  In fact, the entire Seahawks team has transformed into what Harbaugh and the 49ers created last year in 2011.

It’s a simple formula.  A stout defense, reliable special teams, and consistent offense will create victories.  It works.  That’s why this newfound way of football is being emulated.  It’ also why it’s been said that imitation is the best form of flattery.

But before I continue to toot the proverbial horn for the Seahawks, let’s keep a few important things in mind.  Pete Carroll is not Jim Harbaugh.  In the grand scheme of things, Harbaugh still owns Carroll.  He can out coach him, out scheme him, and usually outscore him.

The Seattle Seahawks are not the New York Giants.  They don’t have that track record.  Just because they’ve caught fire towards the end of the year does not mean that the 12th man should start polishing the Lombardi trophy.  The talking heads everywhere will be bumping the Seahawks towards the top of all the power rankings.  They’ll fawn all over this team claiming lightning has been caught in a bottle once again, and come playoff time, this is the team to beat.

History tells this guy otherwise.  Common sense does too.  They both tell me that after 33 meaningful games with Jim Harbaugh at the helm, we need to relax and keep the faith.  This was obviously a horrible game for the 49ers, but it is one that Harbaugh and Co. will learn from.

So, here’s one guy hoping to see Seattle and their putrid team colors just one more time this season.

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