49ers Defeat the Pats

Fanhood is loaded with the coulda, shoulda, and woulda.  Heck, many journalists and reporters make a living off of it.

The 49ers vs. Patriots outcome brought forth an abundance of such by fans and journalists alike.

The 49ers coulda blown the Patriots away in this game. Or, David Akers shoulda converted his 39 yard field goal. Or, Justin Smith woulda made all the difference in the second half if he didn’t get injured.  The list really does go on and on.

A journalist, I never claim to be. But, as a fan, I don’t like to live in that world.  I like to live in the cold, hard here-and-now! So with that, let me tell you what the 49ers did do.

They won.

They beat the NFL’s media darling New England Patriots.  They beat a QB (Brady) and coach (Belichick) that have played in 175 games together.  Brady has started 173 of those contests.  Colin Kaepernik and Jim Harbaugh are 5 games into their regime.  San Francisco handled New England’s elements.  It was cold and rainy.  This victory came against a team that had not lost at home in December in 21 games.  They won a game that very few expected them to win.

In my opinion, this game just can not be understated.  But, it will be.  It will be sliced and diced by talking heads from all affiliates and sports news outlets.  They’ll talk about the 49ers missed opportunities offensively, David Akers as a liability, and of course, the unusual defensive second half letdown. Go ahead and read it, watch it, and listen to it. But remember this……

The 49ers won.



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