Every Man Counts


Photo by: Jeff Lewis/Icon SMI

I believe it was Aristotle that stated, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

In 49ers terms, one man does not make or break the team.’

Jim Harbaugh preaches execution. He preaches simplicity within the complexity of the game.  He often praises his players for performing and excelling within the design of his system. But ask Harbaugh to describe the woes of his place kicker, he becomes more vague than even the normal Harbaugh.

After eight abysmal 49ers seasons (2003-2010), the leg of David Akers was a catalyst for resurgence in 2011 for Niner Nation. He set a single season record for field goals in a season with 44.  While the offense would often time sputter within the red zone in 2011, Akers appeared automatic with the three.  In 12 of 16 regular season games last year, Akers provided at least 40% of the points for 49ers offense.  He was an offensive juggernaut!

Flash forward to the present, the current leader in pro bowl voting for plackickers is nothing more than a liability.  Akers is currently connecting on a mere 70% of his field goals. That’s good for the 29th best percentage in the league ahead of only Mason Crosby.  Even worse, he’s missed two game winning overtime opportunities against the Rams this season.

The 49er staff claims he’s having issues with a pelvis injury.  Maybe, his time has come and gone as an elite kicker in the NFL.  Maybe it’s both. He still has the backing of his GM Trent Baalke and Coach Harbaugh.  But, really are there any other better options at this point in the reason? It doesn’t seem likely.

So, with the quest for a sixth Super Bowl title in San Francisco reaching the stretch run, every man needs to be held accountable.  David needs to start splitting the uprights, and he needs to start doing it now.

Because without the reliability of Akers leg, this whole season has a strong chance of just falling apart.




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