Any Given Sunday

It’s inconceivable. It’s inexplicable.  It’s life in the NFL folks.

Fresh off two thoroughly impressive victories against the Bears and Saints, the 49ers once again laid a stinker against Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams in a 16-13 loss.

Colin Kaepernick had just been given the keys to the Ferrari.  He was told by Jim Harbaugh himself to grab the wheel and drive young man.  But, it’s hard to excel when Harbaugh and Roman devise a game plan intended for a ’72 Ford Pinto.

In a game dominated by both defenses, Kapernick failed to show any intuition.  Aside from one impressive 50 yard run, he failed to utilize his speed and athleticism that made him the starter in the first place.  Dare I say it, Kapernick’s performance was Alex Smith-esque.  He was conservative. He played not to lose the game.

The burden of this loss does not fall on Kapernick in the slightest though.  He did exactly what a majority of this game plan called for.  He dinked. He dunked.  He rolled conservatively outside the pocket,  just as Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman designed today.  It was a lull of an offensive performance called by the coaching staff.  It falls squarely on them.

Without the play call design of the first two-plus games of the Kaepernick era, the 49ers struggled mightily against a much inferior opponent talent-wise. It just goes to show you, that on any given Sunday in the NFL anyone can win.


Any given Sunday, the supposed NFL elite can go down.

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