Trap Game Awaits 49ers

The NFL odds have never looked like such a big trap in recent years on the San Francisco 49ers. They are set to go to the Metrodome this weekend to take on the Minnesota Vikings as 6 ½-point favorites, and they might be one of the most square plays on the board that Week 3 has to offer.

According to SBR Forum, a whopping 79% of the bets that are being played by the public are on the 49ers, yet the line on the game just hasn’t moved all week long.

On the field, the game might be just as much of a trap. The way to beat the Vikings is by throwing the ball against them. Now, it’s true that WR Randy Moss and WR Mario Manningham might finally be in for bust out games this week against a porous Minnesota secondary, but running the ball could be remotely tough, knowing that this is one of the more underrated rush defenses that the NFL has to offer.

There also has to be a point of letdown for the 49ers. They went on the road in Week 1 and took care of the Green Bay Packers, and then they came home on Sunday Night Football with the eyes of the world watching and beat the Detroit Lions. Both teams were playoff teams last year, and both are considered legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

This is much, much different, and it is a game that Head Coach Jim Harbaugh might have a hard time getting his team up for. The Vikings are a dangerous squad, and RB Adrian Peterson has the ability to really get this team going. This is a tough dome to come play football in, and Minnesota doesn’t often get blown away.

On one glance, this is an easy looking play on the 49ers. However, be very careful if you’re set to lay the 6 ½ points. San Fran could be in a lot of trouble.

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