49ers vs. Packers

The Niners get back to football this weekend, and after a tough loss in the NFC Title game, they have a tough Week 1 game against the Packers. NFL Odds have been shifting throughout on week 1, and the 49ers come into this game as +5 underdogs. With all of their new additions, will the Niners be able to beat one of the Super Bowl favorites on the road? Or, will Aaron Rodgers defy the Niners great pass defense, and throw all over the place?

The Niners’ preseason was very good. They won three out of their four games, and both sides of the ball looked fresh and ready. However, the regular season is quite obviously a different animal, and playing Rodgers for four quarters is a different animal on top of that.

Key to this game will undoubtedly be the defense, but the way the Niners will win this game is on the back of Alex Smith. I’m not saying Smith has to go blow for blow with Rodgers, throwing the ball 40 times in this game. I am saying he has to manage this game better than ever, and make the right decisions.

The Niners are a team with plenty of talent. If Smith can manage himself and manage those assets, they will have a solid chance at beating Green Bay on the road. The Packers will try and run the ball some, but I doubt they have a great success at it. If San Francisco can shut down the run with their defensive line, they should be able to overcommit to the pass, and stop Rodgers from marching down the field and scoring quickly.

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