Should Randy Moss Have a Snap Count?


Photo by: Icon Sports Media

One of the newest additions to the San Francisco 49ers, veteran wideout Randy Moss, has dazzled during training camp thus far.  Moss has displayed his famous speed and athleticism throughout camp and has continually earned the praise of teammates and coaches.  However, with all this being said, the team still plans on limiting the number of plays Moss sees each game.  The plan is to limit Moss to approximately 20-25 snaps per game.  The reasoning behind this is to keep Moss as fresh as possible during the season in hopes of saving his legs for another deep run into the postseason.  This however does raise a question and a potential problem for the organization.  How will they know how dedicated Moss will stay if he is not constantly involved in plays.  There is a history of Moss losing interest in games in which he is not heavily included in the offensive play calling and this could eventually lead to conflict with Moss, the team and the organization.  As of right now, Moss has been referred to as “a true professional who is engaged at all times” and he has been working with younger receivers as well as defensive backs.  It is not to farfetched to envision a situation in which Moss loses interest with a lack of playing time and then becomes a detrimental presence to the team and organization.  It may be in the teams best interest to leave him on the field as much as possible and let him get into the flow of the game and make as much of an impact as possible.  Even when Moss is in the game he might not be directly involved in the play calling with the 49ers boasting a run heavy attack.  On plays in which Moss is not directly involved he could still “take the play off” while still staying in the flow of the game as well as serving as a great decoy.  Then when Moss’ number is called he could still dial it up a notch and provide some of the highlight reel plays that he is known for.  Thus, the 49ers will have a tough choice to make in whether or not to set a play count on Moss for this season.  There are definitely pros and cons to each choice and it appears that the team has decided to stick to their plan of a play count, but it would be wise to at least consider other options to keep Moss happy.

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