49ers vs Charges – What To Watch For

The San Francisco 49ers are entering their third preseason game having only scored 3 points total in the previous two preseason games. Not a big deal. The 49ers are the only team (through preseason week 2) to not score a touchdown. I know it’s only preseason, and it shouldn’t be a big deal, but the […]

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49ers flop in first game at Levi’s Stadium

As I’ve previously written, don’t worry too much about wins and losses in the preseason. The results and records have no bearing on the regular campaign, but getting blown out in the first game at your new stadium is not how you want to start. Peyton Manning was dominant as the Denver Broncos steamrolled the […]

2 weeks ago by Andy Parker
NFL: San Francisco 49ers-OTA

Kap’s Backup

The San Francisc0 49ers first preseason game has come and gone.  There weren’t a whole lot of certainties divulged in a 20 point loss to the Baltimore Ravens to begin a series of four “practice” games. One certainty that became fairly clear is the backup quarterback position being unsettled.  Fairly or unfairly, I took to […]

3 weeks ago by Jeff Vandersnick
Jim Harbaugh

Preseason Grades – 49ers vs Ravens

So it’s only preseason you say? Yeah, it is only preseason and It looked real preseason last night. The San Francisco 49ers fell victim to the Baltimore Ravens 23-3, only this time, the game didn’t really matter. Short of bragging rights, the first preseason game is usually reserved for the … reserves. But even the Ravens […]

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49ers fall 23-3. Who cares?

If you’re at all like me, you don’t put too much stock in the preseason. The records are meaningless. More often than not, guys who won’t play when it does matter grace the field more than the regular season starters. There are a ton of kinks still to be worked out. Such was the case […]

4 weeks ago by Andy Parker
NFL: San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints

49ers Fan Guide For the Preseason

It’s finally here……an actual game. Yes, I know it’s only the preseason.  But, in my mind, it counts.  In your mind, as fellow San Francisco 49ers fans, it should too. In the honor of an actual game being played this evening against the Baltimore Ravens let’s go over a few guidelines for the beloved Faithful. […]

4 weeks ago by Jeff Vandersnick

Hoping Harbaugh’s Stay is Lenghty

There’s a rarity within the NFL coaching ranks where a head coach is associated with one team.  It’s such a fast paced occupation with a high turnover rate.   But if an organization can nab that ONE leader that’s a game changer, you hold on to him. The news of the San Francisco 49ers and Jim […]

4 weeks ago by Jeff Vandersnick
NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Train(er) Camp

It’s not supposed to be this way. The term training camp is intended for those 90+ athletes pursuing a career within the NFL.  For the San Francisco 49ers team as a whole, the trainers have gotten plenty of training themselves. For a team with their eye on another Lombardi Trophy, 49ers have taken a couple […]

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49ers Decline…..Not Going to Happen

I do not have a subscription to read the “INsider” section of ESPN’s website.  I don’t even know what the subscription is priced out at, but I know what’s it’s worth. Essentially nothing.  That content holds no more relevance than any other article on the internet, in my humble opinion. That’s never stopped me from […]

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3rd & 3

Candlestick Park saw its final game this past weekend, an exhibition flag football contest between San Francisco 49ers legends and other NFL greats, but three plays, known simply by one name, will live on forever. The Catch, volumes 1-3, all lifted the Faithful, a city, a team and will live on in football lore. And, despite their […]

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